Monday, October 26, 2009


-I had a dream the other night that I had a baby and that the baby was sticky from something, so I went to change his diaper and clean him up. For some reason, I turned him over on his stomach (don't worry Mom, I really do know how to change a diaper) to get the diaper off. To my astonishment, the back of the baby was really a bottle of maple syrup, and it had a hole in the bottom. Hence the stickiness.

-I cleaned my house from head to toe in 1.5 hours. Dang it looks good!

-Tiffany and Tyler were in Utah this weekend, so I went to Pizza Factory with them on Saturday. Of course, we went there only because they had Cookie Monsters. Our favorite! It was so fun to see them.

-Babysat on Saturday night for some people I didn't know, but babysat with an old Young Women's leader. Got paid way too much and spent the rest of the night pigging out in celebration (Arctic Circle, of course) with Tyler and Annie.

-Finally finished baking the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough that has been sitting in my fridge for days. Anybody want one?

-Decided that with the money I got paid babysitting on Saturday, I'm going to switch Tyler's Gold's Gym pass into my name. He's not using it, so why shouldn't I? I'm dying to try a spinning class or something. Please get rid of my cottage cheese!

-Had the hardest time waking up this morning. When it's cold outside and warm under the covers, good luck getting me out.

-Said a prayer of gratitude this morning that I live where I live. Fall is beautiful! The leaves are now changed and starting to fall off the trees, and it's so fun to see families raking their yard. Or vacuuming them, in the case of one old man I passed. It is so beautiful here, and I am so happy.

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