Friday, October 23, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

Why is everyone sick?! I don't like sick season. I feel like it has hit everyone I know, except-- cross your fingers-- me. There have been tons of people missing work because of sickness, and all the employees of the Walmart across the street are wearing gloves now. My niece and nephew have hand, foot, and mouth disease (whatever that is)! I hate it when people are sick. It means I can't and don't want to play with them, and it means I have more things to do at work. BOO for sickness. Hopefully neither Tyler nor I get sick.

On a happy note, it's Friday! I'm glad to have a break from work. I'm in trouble this morning for sending out a letter that apparently should not have been sent... my handwriting is on the envelope so apparently I'm the one at fault? I don't know why... I just send mail when people tell me to. Why not punish the customer service rep who told me to send it?!? I still don't even know what it was that I sent. Oh well. This weekend is the Homecoming game for BYU... go Cougs! I doubt I'll get to go, but I'll at least watch it on TV. Tyler and I want to go to the temple tomorrow, but other than that, I think I'll be flyin' solo all day. Ty's got a ton of homework/studying to do. He works so hard! Amazing. I start my other job at Stevens-Henager on Monday... finally. The guy who hired me has been gone for a while since his wife had a baby, but now he's really ready to start. We'll see how this goes! Happy weekend.

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