Thursday, June 28, 2012

To frost or not to frost?

My project yesterday was what you see above-- cupcakes for my brother-in-law's Eagle Court of Honor! They turned out cute and yummy. I used THIS frosting recipe, but it wasn't as good as Mom's frosting, trust me. But it was a fun project! The kids loved the edible stars on the blue cupcakes, and the flag went with the patriotic, scout-y feel. And I got to learn how to pipe frosting! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Millie's moves

the swim

the perk

the girl push-up {the pacifier is her motivation}

the twist

the "Hi, Mom!"

the almost-crawl

the boy push-up/plank {my favorite!!}

We love watching Millie become more and more mobile! But it's a little sad-- gone are the days when I can just put her down on a blanket on the floor if I need to get something done. This girl wants entertainment and will go get it herself if I'm just not exciting enough. Pretty soon she'll be crawling and there's no stopping her then! We love our little mover.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A dad and his girl

This was obviously Tyler's first Father's Day, and Millie sure made it a special one! She laughed, smiled, drooled, scooted, and spit {spitted?}. Just for him. I made both of them dress up for some daddy-daughter pictures on Sunday.

I can't wait until Millie gets older so I can tell her all about her daddy. He works so hard for her and loves her so much! He is such a great dad- Millie is one lucky little lady. Happy Father's Day Tyler!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Millie's first swim

Millie had her first swim on Memorial Day. If we are friends on facebook, you probably saw that I posted a video of it there. In case you didn't see, here it is!

*My FIL Kurt made the video. 

Millie still loves the pool! I've taken her to my family's neighborhood pool a couple of times and she was less concerned with the water and more concerned with who else was there. She's a major people-watcher, apparently. Takes after her mama in that way I guess!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching up on blogging when you are over a month behind is pretty daunting. So I'm not really going to. Here's a brief update:
-Millie is growing like a weed and is as cute as ever. We just can't get enough of her. Some of her new party tricks are fake coughing, spitting, growling, scooting backwards, and reaching for everything in sight! We don't put her in the bumbo anymore because she just tries to dive out of it every time, and her legs barely fit anyway. She is a little ham and loves to copy you if it's something she can do. We started her on oatmeal last week and I'm hoping she'll like it soon! Here are some pictures of her, since she's all we take pictures of anymore.

Millie loves playing piano with her daddy

Out of focus but I love her face... "I want to eat that!"

A pre-dinner snack
Tyler is studying like a crazy man for the CPA exam. He has taken the audit portion already and did awesome! When he comes home at the end of a long day of studying, he unwinds with basketball, ping pong, a swim, or some tennis. Tyler is working so hard and we're so grateful for him.

My days often include house-hunting of some kind, whether online or driving around to different houses. I've been taking long walks or runs almost every day, which helps me get to know this area and supports my eating habits. Gretchen and I bring Teddy on the leash and Millie in the stroller, so it's always a party. We go to Katy as often as possible to see my fam too. It's so great to be close to both our families!!