Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in review

I said it last year, and I'll say it again: this year went by so quickly!! I really feel like Max was just born, but apparently that was 9 months ago. Here are some highlights from this year:

January: I turned 25, Millie turned 2, Tyler began another busy season at work, Millie and I went to Lufkin to visit my family while Kim, her kids, and Grandma A. were there and it snowed! In Texas!

February: I finished Max's blanket and grew very large, Tyler continued to work a lot but finished the first part of busy season at the end of the month so we got to have a fun few days together.

March: We went to the Houston Rodeo, warm weather arrived, and so did Max!

April: General Conference, sicknesses for everyone but Max, we began potty training with Millie.

May: Tyler turned 27, we got to talk to our missionaries, we spent lots of time outside, and we went to the Children's Museum with the Taylors.

June: we had a visit from the Webbs, lots of swimming, I had the cyst in my right hand removed, we went to two Astros games, we visited the Blue Bell factory, Max was blessed.

July: Lots of fun with family in town and vacation days, we did some decorating, and we swam a lot.

August: We celebrated 5 years of marriage, Tyler traveled to Dallas for work and the kids and I joined him so we could visit the Terrys.

September: We went to Austin for the BYU vs. UT game, I started crafting with my mom regularly, Tyler traveled to Canada for work, Max started crawling.

October: I made curtains and turned the coffee table into an ottoman, I ran a 5k with Sharon, we had family pictures taken, and we had lots of Halloween fun.

November: we stayed with Sarah for a few days while my parents were away, we finished our Christmas shopping, and enjoyed Thanksgiving with family.

December: We traveled to Utah for Garrett and McKenna's wedding, Tyler went to Tulsa for work, we had a few sicknesses, and lots of family time for Christmas!

2014 was sure good to us! Bring on 2015!