Monday, December 22, 2014

Little things

One of Millie's elaborate parties. She sets up a party for someone at least once a day, often without pants.

I don't remember what she said, but Tyler and I were struggling staying quiet in church. Millie had us laughing so hard! I think she was looking for coins and she kept saying, "I need money!" and for some reason it just really tickled us. Funny girl. 

I almost put a gross picture in this post... let's just say that Max had a stomach bug (the one Millie had the week before Garrett's wedding) this week. He's finally starting to get his appetite back and I'm so relieved. 

Max is always trying to keep up with his big sister, the blur! 

Max chewed the ribbon on this toy so much that it shredded. Millie saw it and said, "Mom, he gave the fishy some hair!"

His first good meal in a while: a muffin, a piece of french toast, almost a whole banana, and some berry smoothie! Go Max!

That berry smoothie is a good color on him.

Millie's bedtime has been pushed later and later recently, since Daddy's hours are getting steadily later. I just hate not seeing and hearing them together at the end of the day! Tyler is such a good dad and Millie and Max both adore him.

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