Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve began with a stop at Gigi and Poppy's to say hello to everyone. Garrett, McKenna, and Mitchell had come home the day before and we hadn't seen them yet!

After visiting for a little while we met the Andersen crew at their church building for some basketball and volleyball. Or playing with princesses, if you're Millie.

We broke tradition a little bit and made white bean chicken chili for dinner. If you're going to break tradition, make sure it's with something yummy like white bean chicken chili. Yum! Then we had the kids do the nativity and open their pajamas.

Sam as Samuel the Lamanite and Joseph, Zoe as the sheep, Jane as the shepherd, Ian as baby Jesus, Max as the donkey/wiseman, Millie as Mary, Eliza as the angel. Millie and Eliza both insisted they were princesses.

Jane ate her "stone" instead of throwing it at Samuel! Love it!

Max was asleep when Millie put on her PJ's, so I never got a picture of the two of them together. Oh well.

Max woke up once Millie was asleep and was not too happy that I wanted a picture of him in his pajamas.

We were so excited for Christmas morning! We woke the kids up to see what Santa brought for them since we had to leave for Monka and Ampa's house early. I don't think they minded!

Millie immediately packed up all of her princesses into her new Frozen backpack. 

On the way we got to have a google hangout with Tim! It was so great to talk to him. Can't wait to see him in a few short months. We got there and finished talking with Tim and watched the cousins discover what Santa brought for them. Then we opened our gifts to each other. After a yummy waffle breakfast we had to go outside - it was a beautiful day! We went to the park and it was really nice.

We were all holding babies and kicking the ball back and forth to each other.

Later in the afternoon we went to Gigi and Poppy's! We had a yummy Christmas dinner and opened more presents with them. Millie and Max were sure spoiled by all their grandparents this year! We had fun playing games and talking.

We played "Remember," at which I was awful!

A little princess dance party

Millie took off all the dresses and lined them up... when asked why, she said, "Because they're not princesses anymore, they're mommies!" I promise this is not what she sees. I have no idea where she got this idea!

We had a wonderful Christmas and can't believe it's already over. We're so grateful we got to see each of our families! Christmas is the best!

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