Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting into Christmas

While Tyler was in Oklahoma I told him I felt like a bit of a Scrooge this holiday season. Everything that I usually so look forward to doing just felt like a chore - not sure why. I decided I just needed to woman up and make some magic for the sake of our kids. It's not fair for them to miss out on the fun stuff because of me! So the night that Tyler came home we went to a church nearby for a live nativity and other events in Christ's life. It may have been a different religion and it may have been presented in a different way, but it was so beautiful to me. I loved seeing good people sharing their beliefs and smiles with us and celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ. It's good to be reminded again (and again and again, if you're me) of the reason we do all this celebrating. That put it into perspective for me and I feel back to my usual Buddy the Elf self as far as Christmas celebrating goes. 

Millie was a little confused at first - "Mom, is that really Jesus?" - but she loved it and asked to go back again. 

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Katie said...

"Mom is that really Jesus?" Hahaha Eva keeps asking if Baby Jesus is coming to church… uhhhmmm yes? I guess, in a way….?