Monday, December 8, 2014

Little things

I took a picture to send to Daddy. This boy gives the best post-nap snuggles.

Still an eating champ!

I could have taken a hundred pictures just like this one last week. It was a stinky few days of diarrhea for Millie. I thought that might help with the final potty-training hurdle but it didn't.

Tyler and I went to his team Christmas dinner. It was held at a really nice yummy steakhouse. JJ Watt was apparently also in the restaurant that evening, so we felt pretty legit. We ate in the wine cellar which was really cool and beautiful. The whole dinner was delicious (I've never had a steak cooked so well!) but the real impressive part to us was dessert. I had a red velvet brownie and Tyler had a dark chocolate "tower" as the menu called it. They were both insanely good! It was a fun night out.

Thunder thighs!

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