Friday, December 19, 2014

More Christmas-y stuff

When we are at home, Millie pretty much insists that one or all of us must wear some sort of Christmas headpiece. 

Annual cookie/card delivering to friends. That paper plate basket idea on Pinterest worked pretty well! That ribbon hides all my sloppiness, right??

Making our own white Christmas, since we're still in short sleeves over here.

Like I said, always wearing antlers or hats. Whenever Max knocks his off (intentionally or not) Millie says, "No Max! It's still Christmas time!" and then puts it back on his head. 

I am almost 26 years old and I just learned how to make a 6-sided snowflake... I've been folding squares for years! Thanks Pinterest.

Greeting cards are the best! I was happy not to make a Christmas banner for this frame and just let the cards hang there instead. I have stood in front of this wall several times and just smiled, counting some of my favorite blessings.

The real fun begins this weekend because Tyler is taking the next two weeks off of work! A Merry Christmas indeed!

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