Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Visiting Santa and more fun

We did some more shopping on Black Friday - Kohl's, Academy, and Target in the morning, and the outlet mall in the evening after naps. We were trying to be secretive since Millie would remember seeing us purchase something, so in the morning round we did more switching off. Millie was sweet and entertained Max when he got restless in the car. 

We are pretty much finished with our Christmas shopping, so I'd say it was a successful weekend.

On Saturday we went to The Woodlands to see Grammy! As is becoming our tradition, we visited Santa at her mall. This was our 3rd time seeing this same Santa. Millie finally did it without crying! I'm proud of her, but also a little sad because it means she's growing up and because those pictures of her crying are really funny.

She climbed over and got back in the stroller, thinking she'd be safe there.

Santa came and greeted all the kids in line before sitting down. He is a really nice Santa!

She was shy but she did it! Max jumped ship way before she did.

Had to pose for a picture with 2 of her best friends. I guess not showing your teeth when you smile is kind of their collective thing.

Millie and Daddy rode the carousel and had a blast.

 We grabbed some lunch and then went to see Penguins of Madagascar. It was cute and funny, but a little over Millie's head. 

 After the movie Grammy showed us a really fun park near her place. It was another beautiful day and the park was packed! We loved watching the ducks and people kayaking in the lake.

We made a pit stop at Grammy's for potty breaks and feeding Max a bottle before heading home. It was such a fun day with Grammy.

Grammy's stone hedgehog is a favorite of all the kids!

We put up our Christmas decorations Saturday evening. Millie is very much my daughter and got so excited about it all! 

This boy is killing us with cuteness lately.

Some Sunday baking in our aprons that have our names on them.

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