Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family fun

Everyone in my family who was coming for Christmas arrived Saturday night. The first time we were all together was Sunday morning. The girls hurriedly practiced "Candlelight Carol" 2 or 3 times before church and then sang in Sacrament Meeting. It went alright - that was Dad's Christmas wish, to hear us sing. After church we went home and the kids helped Grandma decorate the tree. 

Sarah took Sam and Millie outside and they had a little music parade!

We had ribs and potatoes for dinner. I made the ribs Saturday night and it was my first time. The ribs turned out fine, the potatoes did not. I tried to fit too many in the crock pot - lesson learned!

Monday we played and watched the BYU bowl game. Garrett and Mitchell both played so well! It was fun to watch, except for the fight at the end. Crazy. 

Making jewelry with beads and pipe cleaners

Millie loves baby Ian. She'd go over and kiss him or rub his head and say, "He's so cute!" or "He's so soft!"

Tuesday the 23rd we ventured out to the mall. I had some things to return and some pajamas to buy for Christmas Eve. It was madness but a fun kind of madness! The kids rode the carousel, we ate lunch, and we checked out the new playground in the mall. 

I somehow ended up pushing an empty stroller for a few minutes and needed somewhere to put my food. Food baby it is! I didn't look crazy at all, I'm sure.

Millie and Eliza are like sisters... they play really well and they fight really well! 

I saved the day by finding the Roku remote buried in the pile of presents under the tree! Grandma Backus would be proud of me.

After dinner we drove through River Oaks to see the beautiful lights. The kids fell asleep in the car so it was like a little date for Tyler and me.

This house had a snow machine in the yard and people were playing in the "snow." 

More to come!

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