Saturday, December 13, 2014

Here and there

Tyler went to Tulsa for work this past week. It was a little unexpected and it happened to fall right after coming home from Utah. Tyler's such a trooper and we appreciate our hard-working Daddy so much. The most exciting part of business trips is obviously the food. Despite working long hours he got to eat some good stuff! So that is what got documented.

This Mexican restaurant had a luchador ring! Hilarious!

Tyler's second time having one of his "favorite restaurant meals ever," the Cluck 'n' Oink. I think.

A molten lava cake, of course!

Some of our adventures here while he was gone:

The snowglobe she made at our ward Christmas party last year finally broke - poor Santa had had enough shaking!

Singing Christmas carols (hence the open mouths) while waiting for a train to pass

Wal-Mart is smart. Tricky way to keep customers in your store longer

We enjoyed some beautiful weather! Couldn't stay inside

Max held that leaf for such a long time while I was pulling weeds one afternoon

I'm sure this is just the beginning... hugging one moment, fighting the next. I love it

This boy found a sucker in the floor. I watched him bite through the wrapper and then get so excited when he finally tasted it

Playgroup at our house. This was their "water party, because we don't drink tea" (their words, not mine)

We all had fun but we were so ready to be back together again!

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