Monday, October 25, 2010

Giving credit where credit is due

First, credit for all of the crochet projects I posted below goes to Barb. She taught me to crochet, so I owe it all to her!

Second, the patterns for both the hats I found on youtube. There's a woman named Teresa (tjw1963) who posts really good videos. The flowers also came from her, but the headwraps came from my own genius/experimentation. :)

We had a fantastic weekend! Went to the game on Saturday, which was way more exciting than it should have been. But we had great seats and had access to all the yummy food inside the Hospitality Tent thanks to my bro-in-law Caleb. We left pretty quickly after the game for Vegas. Got there just in time to see the kids for a bit before they went to bed and stayed up late talking. Sunday we had a yummy breakfast and then went to church for baby Dean's blessing. I was so glad we got to be there! It was a wonderful day. We had to leave after Sacrament meeting to drive back. It was so hard saying goodbye to Eva and Leighton! They asked to "go to Aunt Cami's house." So adorable.

I bought a cute set of cookie cutters in Halloween shapes. I'm going to have to make a LOT so I still have some for myself after I complete my list of people to give cookies to! :) If you're lucky, you're on the list.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A long-time wanna-be crafter

My dad is here! He arrived last night and I'm so happy to have him here. My dad is one of the greatest men I've ever known! Plus, he brought a duffel bag full of goodies from my mom-- one of the greatest women I've ever known. :) Included in this package were these:

I knew that these were familiar, but I didn't remember why, until I flipped one over and saw this:
Apparently, I've been attempting to do crafts since the 6th grade! You can tell on the block on the right that I got a little impatient and worked on the eyes before the paint was try or something... not sure how I messed it up. Maybe I'll find some wood blocks and make two more of these so I can *hopefully* recognize some progress? I can't believe that was 10 years ago!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

As promised

Here are some pictures of the stuff I've been crocheting...

Yeah, I shouldn't be left alone with yarn and a crochet hook! And yes, I have bangs now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Sunday is a speshl day"

Today was our ward's Primary Program. One of my favorite Sundays of the year! It's not as relaxing and entertaining when you're involved in it, but I loved it. We're so grateful to be in the Primary, teaching together. Our kids were SO funny during class though... Laura was visiting again and started to write down some of the best lines:

Tyler: "Is it a good idea to steal?"
All kids: "No!"
Greg: "BORROW!!"

Tyler: "I wouldn't guess 'C'" (trying to give a hint as we're playing hangman)
Greg: "Well what letter would you guess?"

Laura: "Are you going to teach me a lesson?" (Kids are pretending to be teachers)
Catherine: "Aww, man! We already had a lesson!"
Mila, taking role of teacher: "Who said you could talk?!?"

We love our kiddos. In other news, we can't believe how quickly this semester is flying by! I have 5 (literally) midterms this coming week. But I had my anatomy lab midterm on Saturday, so the worst is over. Tyler has a test on Monday as well, so neither of us are terribly exciting right now. But we did have a fun date last night-- Tyler's so sweet to set aside time for me, even when he's so busy. I have been crocheting in every spare minute the last couple of weeks, and I love it! I'll post pictures of some of the stuff I've made soon. My little obsession is about to turn into Christmas presents for everyone I know! :) Speaking of which, I may or may not be watching White Christmas right now... early or not, that's a great movie! Before I can get too excited about Christmas though, I need to figure out Halloween. Or at least these midterms.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not much is happening out of the ordinary around here. School, work, and homework seem to consume our lives! But we did get out for a fun date on Friday night-- we did some mini-golf, batting cages, and an XD theater movie at Trafalga. We also took a drive up Hobble Creek Canyon on Sunday afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous! Last year fall was so short and it really just was an early winter, so we're soakin' it up this year. Oh and did I mention PUMPKIN SHAKES?? I love them with all my heart. Don't worry, Linds, I'll go back and eat another one in your honor. And then I'll probably have another one for me. :) We get them at Arctic Circle (where the good stuff is, of course) because they're the best! I also put Oreos in mine for a little crunch. I didn't like pumpkin pie until I had pumpkin oreo shakes.

I have my anatomy lab midterm on Saturday... gulp. I'm pretty nervous! Tyler has a test this weekend too, so I'm not sure how much fun we will be. But we're hoping to head up to Hee Haws on Saturday night, and that will be a nice break. I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, from the blog Let Me Plan Dinner. Tonight is Viva La Chicken! I'm also making some chocolate chocolate chip cookies from a new recipe... they're really good, but kinda flat. Hopefully after refrigerating the dough they'll be a little better. Wow am I hungry or what??

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I feel as though I need to apologize. After spending some time with Giselle and the Wright ladies on Saturday night, I realize I am getting a little bit out of control, and that there's a little something wrong with me! I have this uncontrollable desire to tell people what I know. This is normally not a huge problem, because my intelligence is limited. However, since starting school, I feel like all I can talk about is anatomy and language impairment and the phonetic alphabet! I just get SO excited about this stuff, and I want everyone to know and be excited about it too. But I realize I am letting this excitement invade my thoughts and conversation to an extreme! So I'm sorry to anyone who has had a conversation with me lately. You probably didn't want to know which bones could cause you to bleed to death by breaking them, nor did you want to know when to start worrying that your kid doesn't talk.

*But before I tell you that I'm going to stop telling you what I've learned., I learned TONS about autism (mostly in relation to communication) today. I'm completely fascinated! The knowledge has made me analyze everything about myself and people around me though... not so good.*

Okay, now I'm really done. Unless it's something uber-important and exciting.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

-My gym membership has expired, so now I watch Biggest Loser instead.

-I just finished taking out my long day on the kitchen. It hasn't looked this good since before conference!

-Started reading "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom yesterday. It is so humbling to read about people so genuinely sweet and thankful and kind. I want that to be me.

-The sickness is finally going away-- we're down to just a cough and a constant headache. I can handle that! Good health is such a blessing that I usually have, and that I usually take for granted.

-I'm anti- blog post titles right now.

-We don't usually have much ironing to do... but there is one shirt of Tyler's and a skirt of mine that have been draped over a chair in our room for a while. I think I will iron them tonight. Probably while I watch Parenthood!

-Tried a new recipe tonight-- Chicken Nachos! They were really tasty, but we weren't totally in love with the fact that some of the chips got a little soggy. I'll do a little tweeking and hopefully try it again soon. Next new recipe: taco soup. YUM.

-I wasn't feeling super fall-festive while the weather was still so summer-like, but it finally hit me yesterday! It was raining and I needed a jacket outside. I came home from school and curled up on the couch with a blanket and listened to the rumbling thunder and took a nap. We had soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, and it completed the day perfectly. I even got out my fall decoration! Emphasize the singularity of that sentence-- I need to do some serious crafting and decorating.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We enjoyed this weekend so much! Besides my always needing to sneeze and having a Rudolph nose from blowing my nose so much, anyway. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I think almost every sickness I've had in the last three years has turned into a sinus infection! Despite not feeling well, I got my best score EVER on an anatomy quiz! Ask me about any of the muscles, their origins, and their insertions in the legs/abs/back. :) We also took a drive up Provo Canyon to see the beautiful leaves and take some pictures.

I have one good-lookin' husband!

Laura and I spent Saturday night with Aunt Dana and her girls. We ate at JCW Burgers (have you ever been there? You should go) and then roamed around at Roberts and Simply Splendid boutique. We had such a great night, talking and laughing and pigging out. One of my favorite things about conference weekend is all the food! We had lots of fun traditions growing up, and I wanted to start some of our own. I made monkey bread muffins, scones and chili, and ugly chicken. The only downside to all this is that I can't taste anything! So disappointing. But I hear that it was yummy. :) Here comes another week! Maybe I'll get my taste buds back for some leftover ugly chicken tomorrow....