Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

I can't believe it's already almost November! It still feels like we're all the way back here where Millie was just a wee babe and we were just moving in this house. But tonight watching her walk confidently next to Daddy, saying "teetateet" and "tey too" she showed me just how far we've come this year!

We woke up to rain this morning. In fact, it woke me up around 4am. Thanks for that. Millie and I watched the rain and even ventured out into it a little bit.

Also, our Halloween mantel:

Sarah's birthday is today! She made a deal with Mom a while ago that if she made first chair at her regional choir competition she would get to skip school on her birthday and come shopping in Houston. Of course, she made first chair! So they ventured down despite the rain and we had a fun few hours with them. Happy birthday, Sass!

Gummy bears kept her quiet while Sarah tried things on

She said, "Me! Another one, another one, another one!" 
A happy birthday indeed. Let's just say our childhoods have been very different

Poor Millie only got to sleep for a half hour, thanks to my having to stop at the grocery store on the way home. She was such a trooper though.

We went to our neighbor's house with a few other neighbor families for dinner and pumpkin painting. Millie loved seeing Isabella, who is a couple of months older than her, as well as Jared and Ethan since she sees them frequently and knows them.

That's one sincere smile!
Then it was {finally} time for trick-or-treating! We waited for Daddy to get home from work so he could take her while I passed out candy. While we waited, Millie learned (and was upset by learning) that there's a whole bowl of candy for other kids, not her. She kept grabbing pieces and putting them into her bucket!

Millie fell and scraped her elbow and knee pretty good, which I didn't know about (the scrapes) until I sprayed her with mosquito repellant. Bad move, Mom! I felt awful but she got over it quickly. Once Daddy got home they hit the road!

Millie came back with a bucket full of candy- so heavy that Daddy had to carry it. So we jumped in the car and headed over to Ivy Trail and then to see Gigi and Poppy! 

Delilah was so sweet and kept giving Millie loves
After visiting with Gigi and Poppy (and being spoiled with even more candy!) we came home and got our little soccer player to bed. We're all exhausted. I guess that means the day was a success!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend adventures

We had a jam-packed Saturday! Tyler did the lawn while I cleaned the house in the morning. We got to go to the temple in the afternoon! Thanks to Gigi and Poppy for watching Millie. She had so much fun with them and we didn't have to worry about a thing while we were away. I really love being in the temple with my man.

After taking Millie home for a nap and so Tyler could work a little bit, we all went to dinner and a play with Gigi and Poppy. Tyler's cousin Walker was in his high school's production of "Legally Blonde." Walker did a great job! I was a little surprised with the stuff they left in the play, with it being high school and all. But it was hilarious and well done. There were so many times that I laughed out loud- now I need to watch the movie. We really enjoyed it and had such a fun night!

Millie recently started doing this shaking thing when she gets excited! I did something similar as a kid. Weird how those things are passed down without me ever showing her
Though it's not technically part of the weekend, Millie and I had fun at the park on Monday with some friends in the ward. Sharon put on a pumpkin hunt and the kids had a great time! I really enjoyed chatting with the other ladies there. We love our ward and are so lucky to be where we are. I only took a couple of pictures, but only because we were too busy having fun! And saving kids from ant piles. Gotta love Texas.

Ward Trunk or Treat

Our ward Trunk or Treat was on Friday. The youth were in charge this year, so Millie and I went early to help set up since my calling is with the Young Women. We were all pretty excited about her costume, which her uncle Mitchell brought home from Mexico City when he came home from his mission! Millie wouldn't wear shin guards, but she looked adorable anyway.

Millie was a little shy about the whole thing. She was a kind of clingy and didn't want to play the games.

"Frightful Fishing"
The prizes were pretty disappointing to her when compared to the candy

Bethany took this awesome picture of Millie and was kind enough to send it to me. I kind of love it!

Tyler and I didn't dress up but someone lent me an apron last-minute to wear that said "Ghouls just want to have fun"
Finally, a prize she could get behind
Even Daddy competed
She hadn't quite figured out how exciting all this was yet
Then she got it and dove in all by herself

Taking inventory

Now she REALLY can't wait for Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A visit from the Lufkin-ites

Monka, Ampa, and Sarah came down for a visit this last weekend! They arrived Friday night. We met them at Pei Wei for dinner and had fun eating and catching up. My fortune cookie revealed that the fortune-writers agree with my thinking that baby #2 is a boy! We'll find out for sure in a few weeks.

Saturday morning Mom and Dad went to the Temple. Sarah stayed with us and we went to Zube Park for free train rides again! 

Photo credit goes to Sharon! And for the next two.

After our train ride we went to the outlet mall so the deprived Lufkin-ites could get some shopping in. Millie loved playing on the playground and spending time with her grandparents! After lunch we headed downtown for the BYU v. UH football game. It was so fun to go to a game again- I don't think we'd been to a BYU game since leaving Provo. We got to see lots of people we knew, including two people I played tennis with at BYU-I way back in the day! Mormon world is so small. It was a really intense game, and we're so glad our Cougars pulled it off. Mom, Dad, and Sarah left straight after the game, which made Millie really sad! She cried as we separated, saying, "Monka's car, I come?" over and over. Tear my heart out! She's still asking to go to Monka's house.

We are so thankful to live close to our families!