Thursday, October 17, 2013

Millie Millie Millie

So, we are kind of obsessed with Millie these days. Not that it hasn't always been this way-- it has-- but she has just turned up the cuteness factor lately!! She is growing up so quickly and is at such a fun age. There are about a hundred times a day where I say to myself or Tyler says to me, "She is so dang cute!!" Millie surprises us with a new word or phrase all the time! She is still super routine-oriented, but luckily when I change the plans it's easy to get her on board. She has SO much energy, which I totally envy and wish I could bottle some for me! We are still working on her attachment to me. On Sunday she went to nursery by herself for a whole 10-15 minutes without crying!! But then singing time ended and the tears started. Oh well. Millie LOVES music. We listen to Primary songs in the car and she is obsessed, even singing along in her own way. She calls us Mommy and Daddy now, instead of Mama and Dada. It is both sad and awesome.

Anyway, enough words. Here is an explosion of Millie pictures.

She Is even adorable while naughty. It's problematic.

She taught Jared her signature dance move!


Ben, Charlotte, Troy, and Liam said...

She is ADORABLE. You have every right to be obsessed ;) I will be calling you after we get settled so we can get together! So excited!!

Kimberly said...

She really is so dang cute! This really is such a fun stage. That's hilarious, my kids do the same dance move! They got it from Cosmo. :)