Monday, October 21, 2013

A visit from the Lufkin-ites

Monka, Ampa, and Sarah came down for a visit this last weekend! They arrived Friday night. We met them at Pei Wei for dinner and had fun eating and catching up. My fortune cookie revealed that the fortune-writers agree with my thinking that baby #2 is a boy! We'll find out for sure in a few weeks.

Saturday morning Mom and Dad went to the Temple. Sarah stayed with us and we went to Zube Park for free train rides again! 

Photo credit goes to Sharon! And for the next two.

After our train ride we went to the outlet mall so the deprived Lufkin-ites could get some shopping in. Millie loved playing on the playground and spending time with her grandparents! After lunch we headed downtown for the BYU v. UH football game. It was so fun to go to a game again- I don't think we'd been to a BYU game since leaving Provo. We got to see lots of people we knew, including two people I played tennis with at BYU-I way back in the day! Mormon world is so small. It was a really intense game, and we're so glad our Cougars pulled it off. Mom, Dad, and Sarah left straight after the game, which made Millie really sad! She cried as we separated, saying, "Monka's car, I come?" over and over. Tear my heart out! She's still asking to go to Monka's house.

We are so thankful to live close to our families!


Tiffany said...

oh my goodness cam you look tiny!!! Cant wait to hear what you are having!

Kimberly said...

What a fun weekend!!