Monday, October 7, 2013

Random catching up

I am blogging from my phone, because our computer is probably dead! I need some geeks to help us out. Anyway, please excuse the format, or lack thereof, in the following.

Pictures explained:
1. Millie "dancing" which to her just means running in circles and an occasional arabesque (no idea how to spell that). She is one funny girl.

2. Cleaning out our 72-hr kits, as I want to do every time General Conference comes around in the future. Since Millie is almost 2, it was high time she got a kit as well!! She enjoyed watching me make a big mess and playing with the flashlights and ponchos.
3. Sometimes I send Tyler pictures of what we're having for dinner, since these days he is working late and they order dinner for the office. Not sure if comparing our meals makes him jealous or relieved that he's not home! This particular evening it was twice baked potatoes. Craving lots of breads and potatoes lately.
4. Millie's dancing getup one day. I really need to  get on the ball and make her some dressups to dance and play in!
5. A poor picture of the beginnings of a belly.
6. What my nightstand looks like lately- I've been fighting a wicked cold since LAST Saturday. That on top of continuing nausea just makes me feel all-around poopy, but I'm definitely on the up and up on both fronts.
7. Sharon and I painted these cute guys last week. The whole thing is not finished yet, but I was so pleased with their cuteness that I couldn't resist taking a picture. When it's done I'll also add the link to the tutorial.
So, those are random snippets of stuff lately.


Marissa said...

Cute craft!!

Sami and Ben Van Noy said...

cute crafts! And I am so sorry you have been sick! So not fun. Especially when you're pregnant.