Monday, June 20, 2016

Work and play

Semi-patiently watching Tyler now the lawn. The pool was opening soon so they were cheering him on in hopes that it would be quick!

First workout in a long time, about 16 weeks. I'm hoping to exercise more consistently this pregnancy.

Running errands and feeling like a mama duck with her babies trailing behind.

We're taking long-ish walks in preparation for Disneyland! It won't be as hot or as humid there so I figure it can only get easier.

My belly catches sweat. What a trick.

Candy Land is still a favorite here! 

10 on 10: June 2016

1. Playing with cars - legs make the best tracks!

2. My smoothie-lovin' boy. He calls them "movies."

3. It is like magic - I put Max in a swim diaper right before we want to leave for the pool and then he poops! It really happens so often and it's kind of frustrating.

4. Adult swim is torture! Fuzzy picture because I put my phone in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

5. Finally getting wet and enjoying it!

6. Someone is ready to go home.

7. It's always hard to leave the pool. 

8. Swimming tuckers her right out every day!

9. Waiting in the cell phone lot for Tyler's plane to land. They loved crawling around in the back of the car.

10. We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

Swimming fun

We have spent a couple hours almost every weekday at the pool the last couple of weeks! One of my favorite things about summer. Also, the only way to be outside in this heat. Millie has gotten to be really confident without her floaties, but at first she wanted to wear them.

We usually swim at either our neighborhood pool or at Gigi and Poppy's. Max has been anti-swimming this year, but we are working at it. He wouldn't even get wet at the splash pad at first, and now he will sit or lie down on the first step! Progress!

It's so fun when Dad gets to come!

One day we had the whole place to ourselves for a little bit. Love when that happens.

Documentation of progress. Maybe by the end of the summer he will be all the way in the water!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer routine

We have been off our game lately. Well, mostly just me, but you know that throws  everyone else off too! Even though my nausea isn't all the way gone, it is definitely improving and I have felt anxious to be "normal" again. I've never been good at being restricted or not well physically. Anyway, on the first Sunday in June I sat down with the kids (we had just taken Tyler to the airport for a work trip) and we talked about fun things we want to do this summer and having a better daily routine. We came up with lots of fun things and lots of good things we needed to do before the fun.

Mostly, I just wanted less TV. We had gotten in the habit of watching more than normal.

So our days look like this lately: breakfast, morning chores (get dressed, make bed, tidy room, hair and teeth), work on memorizing Articles of Faith/read from The Friend, a reading lesson for Millie or we all just read together, then the kids do get to watch a show while I go shower. 

Less TV means more creative play. They made a "campfire" and pretended to roast hot dogs and marshmallows!

We also do other chores as needed, like helping with bathrooms and folding laundry.

After the morning stuff is done we get to go to the park or pool (mostly pool!), run errands, or whatever else comes up. Below the kids were pushing a doll in the stroller while we made a return at the outlet mall. I think if I play this right these two will take care of the baby for me! ;)

The first week of our new routine happened to be when Tyler was in CA. One night when I got the kids in bed by 7:45 (amazing, but hasn't happened since haha) I found the best bed position with my head and feet raised and watched 2 movies. Ice cream might have become involved. Pushing these good habits with kids, especially after becoming lax about it for a bit, is not easy.

Some things we are still working out the kinks with: fitting in some time for me to exercise in the morning (that doesn't involve me waking up early haha) and how to handle sleepy kids. If we swim in the morning (which I like to) we come home for lunch and I put Max right down for a nap. Usually Millie plays or watches a show while I go shower and ends up falling asleep! Which then means she is up until 10:30pm. But if we swim in the afternoon and Max doesn't get a nap, we all really pay for it by 4 or 5. Not sure how to navigate this so any suggestions are welcome!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Little things

Watching the kids (specifically Max) with cousin Wes has made me so excited for another baby. I was worried he wouldn't handle babies well but he loves Wes so much. Hopefully it's the same story when the baby doesn't go away and takes up Mom's arms and attention!

We had some gloomy weather (like most of April and May) so when Millie had a friend over we cleared the garage and they scootered around in it.

Dressing room shenanigans.

Lawn mower races. I love that our backyard is shady in the evenings!

Millie has a renewed love for her baby dolls lately and will often ask me to babysit. 

"Mom, take my picture!"

Just a pic to remember a night I took a bath at 2am watching Parks and Rec because I was up til 3am with raging heartburn. I luckily haven't had it very much this pregnancy, but when I do it is like nothing I've ever felt before and lasts forever!! 

Max has a little fascination with ghosts lately. He talks about a ghost in the playroom (I think he's referring to the shadow of the chandelier) and loves to put a towel or blanket over his head to be one.

Millie's portrait of our family at the beach. I love the detail she adds lately, like the stripes in my dress and the sleeves on the boys' shirts (I called them floaties at first and was corrected).

This is how we roll at the store. 

Max was so done shopping! Luckily, the family picture gods have smiled upon us and we are done trying to find outfits for everyone.

I just really love this stage where Millie is so happy and entertained with just a notebook and pen. Though I do need to remember to get her one of her own, because my list notebook is filling up with her little doodles!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

End of preschool

Tuesday May 31st was Millie's last day of preschool with Ms. Sharon! She had a great year and will miss it a lot. Max and I got to go watch a little program by the kids and enjoy some popsicles and playing outside.

Had to start with a picture in the same place as her first day picture!

Not sure why some kind of hand signal is involved in almost all pictures of Millie these days....

Ready for a chill summer! (Or, I'm done posing nicely Mom!)

Thanks to Sharon for a wonderful year!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day started off with some yard work for Tyler. Gigi and Poppy surprised us and came to help. So sweet of them. It was super muggy that morning and I had a strange dizzy spell where I nearly fainted, and luckily Gigi was there to help me to the couch and cool me down. It was strange and kinda scary. I've been very careful about the heat since then. 

Once the yard was done and we were all ready to go we headed off to Beaumont for a fun day with the Westons, Allsops, the Webb kids, and Monka and Ampa! We swam, barbequed (is that a word?), played and visited. We forgot to get a picture of the fun group unfortunately.

While we were there, Millie figured out how to do a flip (as she calls it, it's more of a somersault) into the pool. No one taught her how, she just kind of figured it out!! Eva and Brynlee watched her and learned too and they had fun "flipping" together.

Also a highlight was watching their neighbor's helicopter come land and take off again. It was pretty darn cool to see!

It was such a fun day that Millie screamed most of the way home! So hard to leave cousins. We're excited to see them again in a couple weeks.