Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finishing up May

Millie and Max got sick. Max was much worse than Millie - I'd never seen him get a fever that high. Poor guy was pretty miserable for a few days and we did a lot of snuggling. It was all he wanted and I was happy to oblige.

It's fun that both kids are old enough to play games like this together. It mostly goes well haha.

A first big sign that Max was getting better was when he asked for a "monkey back ride" and giggled the whole way.

Millie loves it when I trace her with chalk, even when it's super bright outside!

I love this picture Millie drew the other day. The Book of Mormon prophet Abinadi is on the right, and according to Millie "he's yellow because he was shining while he talked." On the left are King Noah and his wicked priests. And his cheetahs are on the very left (as seen in the Living Scriptures movie). I love the way she's absorbing the stories and how she depicts them. Those movies are quite the investment but it has been so worth it to us.

I sent her to preschool with two cute buns but she came out with this crazy do and made me laugh so hard.

Watching the rain. This happens a lot lately because it won't stop raining!!

I had a life dream fulfilled when we ordered pizza and it was delivered to our door. Why is food so much better when I don't have to make it??

We got to go on a date to the temple and La Madeleine while the kids played with Gigi and Poppy.

We told the kids we are going to Disneyland!! They are so excited, now that they know what that means. We pulled up some videos and the Disneyland app to help explain it.

Max sleeps with at least 2 trains every night, and this night he tried to smuggle about 6 in bed with him! 


Marissa Anderson said...
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Marissa Anderson said...

We just got the living scripture dvds too! It's some serious cash but Capri is already a little sponge! Watching movies is a much better use of time now!! Love your blogs posts too!!!