Saturday, May 21, 2016

Little things

I got out of the shower and heard Max saying "Mom, I'm ready to get down now!" Over and over. Found him sitting in the little art niche thing. He did it so many times that day and thought he was so funny every time.

Burying their own treasure to find again later. Max is holding a sprinkler head, not a knife. 

Max gets so sad when Millie goes to preschool and he can't go too!

I can't get enough of turkey sandwiches lately. Meat in general (similar to when I was pregnant with Max - maybe another boy)! I added some bacon to this one and wow. I want another one right now.

I took Tyler's car to the Relief Society activity on Thursday and came out to find this! Luckily Sharon was there and gave me a ride home. Also luckily, our insurance covers a tow within 5 miles, so the next day they took it to a tire place and replaced the tire.

"Mom, I think we need a new wheel." - Millie

Millie and Daddy read scripture stories on the iPad as part of her bedtime routine. Lately it has also included taking a couple of crazy pictures! I got to do it with her the other night too. Love that silly girl.

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