Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catching up some more

The kids were so well-behaved on a recent family outing to Chuy's... 

Until they were tired of being well-behaved and climbed like monkeys in the fake trees. Oh well.

Max's favorite thing lately is to watch Thomas the Train toy videos on YouTube. Side note: who makes these videos?? Not even sure how he saw one initially, but that's totally the way to get on his good side now. Garrett and Mitchell were here for a few days and figured that out real quick! 

Soccer season is over for Millie. We missed the end-of-season party, so the coach's wife brought Millie her trophy. Millie didn't see anyone else get one, so when she got hers she whispered, "I won!" Thinking she was so special. Can't burst that bubble quite yet. She even has slept with the trophy a few times.

While we're on the subject of soccer, here are bad pictures of the team pictures.

Max refused to hold still for a picture in his adorable hat, but I like these anyway.

Their current favorite thing to do when we are at Gigi and Poppy's house.

We got to have a cousin movie night on Friday! So fun!

While G&M were still in town, we went to eat at Taste of Texas. *Best. Steak. Ever. Anyway, Max was pretty scared of the big stuffed bear they have in the waiting area. When we were about to leave he snuggled in, knowing we would walk by it again.

Another pic of a pic because I'm a winner like that. So fun to have almost the whole gang together!

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