Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rainy days

We had another crazy storm recently. It caused major flooding and kept everyone at home for a few days. Luckily our street never got too bad, but we couldn't get to the freeway and we had about a 2-mile radius accessible. Tyler worked from home for most of that week and we all went a little stir-crazy being cooped up at home for so long! We finally made it to a grocery store on the 3rd day I think. Along with the rest of the area, apparently. We had weird bread options left and no milk.

We played at our neighbor's house one day and it was a great change of scenery! Max loves to line up toys.

Gigi got through to us one day and brought the kids new swim suits, which they were so excited to wear as soon as the sun came out. We didn't let them play in the water when it was high (hello snakes!) but when it was down to just puddles I let them splash all they wanted. 

It sure made for a weird week! But we were so blessed to stay safe and dry throughout the craziness.

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