Friday, May 13, 2016

Fun Mom

I feel like I haven't been a very fun mom lately, so this last little bit I've been trying to be better. I also know that fun isn't the most important thing, but the kids are at such fun and easy ages and I want to take advantage of that. 

Max has been really into playing tennis lately. I want to get him a racket (not a  racquetball one like he's playing with now) and take him to the courts soon! I love tennis so much and it'd make me so happy to teach that to my kids.

Millie likes to draw on paper plates lately. I don't mind as long as we can still eat on one side! This one was a picture of me and Millie, "and hearts because I love you." 

Though it isn't pictured, we finally went to the park after not making it there for a while. The kids were both so happy there and afterward, I actually got an intentional smile from Max!

A glass tea party during Max's nap, on the blanket made by Monka because it's her current favorite. Love those little hands.

He doesn't just fall asleep anywhere anymore, so when it happens I will document it! 

Ring around the rosie with Buzz Lightyear. Makes sense.

Had to try out the splash pad at the new park we love. Not as much of a hit as the park but still a good time, in case you can't tell by Millie's face.

Millie came to me with a big piece of paper folded like below and said she thought it would make a great kite. So I grabbed some tape, dowels, string, and a fork to wrap the rest of the string around and she has been "flying" it around the house a lot since. 

We've almost found everything in this Christmas I Spy book. We love them and will have to try another soon!

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