Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catching up

Just a random assortment of pictures and things.

We had to order some new arrows for Millie's bow because Max broke all the old ones. She was pretty excited when they arrived. Who knew the easel had so many uses?? 

They love to play in Max's bed together. I love it when they are contained.

My jam-making buddy. Millie called it strawberry soup.

Modeling new pajamas from Gigi.

Our ottoman/couch look like this probably 90% of the time. But he really does play with them so much that it's not like they're out for no reason, so I don't mind. This boy loves trains more than pretty much anything!

Avoiding folding her laundry. 

Gloomy weather calls for more creative juices than I have! Thank goodness we found this box to color. 

Back when we were first married, I told Tyler not to waste money on flowers for me, but to someday get me fruit from Edible Arrangements instead. He surprised me with this box of deliciousness recently and I savored every amazing bite!! He is so sweet.

Millie got to plant wheatgrass at preschool and was ecstatic when she had little sprouts.

Exercising with Dad.

Mom, Lindsay, and I met at IKEA one day to shop and then eat lunch. It's just so fun to be able to get together like that! And my kids are loving more cousin time.

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