Friday, April 27, 2012

Stuff that's NOT about moving

I feel like all I talk or write about lately is moving. Sorry. So here are some non-moving updates:

-Millie is really close to having a tooth and to sitting up! She can roll onto her stomach from her back now  and her new favorite toy is her feet. Could we just freeze time for a bit while I catch up to this girl? Seriously, she's growing up too fast.
Millie entertained everyone at dinner... funny how we can all stare at a baby for hours and think it's so great!
-We got majorly house-hungry last night as Austin and Giselle took us around their beautiful almost-complete home! We are so happy for them. It also made us way excited to find a place in Houston.

-I'm trying to decide how I want to keep memories for our kids... any recommendations? I feel like scrapbooking is expensive and time-consuming. Maybe I will do a blog post each month about each child (as we have more) and print out books each year? I don't know. It's really important to me to be consistent in recording memories!

-Yesterday was my parents' 29th anniversary. And I thought almost 3 years was impressive! Happy Anniversary to you, Mom and Dad. Thanks for your example of a rock-solid and happy marriage.

-I found out a few nights ago that I paid far too much for this husband of mine... finally found his price tag.
Yup, $15.99. I better be reimbursed within 30 days.
That seems to be about it... now it's back to packing while watching Gilmore Girls!

Monday, April 23, 2012

We graduated... and took lots of pictures

Wednesday: my family arrived. Big meal together, lots of laughing, and Grandpa as a jungle gym.
Millie's moral support during tummy time

Thursday: Lunch at Magleby's, Commencement, pictures, dinner at Rumbi's. Long day.

Can you find us? (Hint: right behind the guy with tons of leis)

Millie was such a trooper during these crazy days!!

Friday: Convocation, pictures, lunch/dinner at La Dolce Vita, desserts at Aunt Dana's. Also a long day. And these pics are out of order.

We will miss Adam and Aubrey so much!!

Thanks to both of our parents and Nana, who all came from Houston for the festivities! Thanks also to my sisters that came with their kiddos. Brave women, I tell you. We felt so supported and loved!! We can't believe it's finally done and behind us. Very bittersweet.

Saturday Gretchen was so sweet to watch Millie so that Tyler and I could go to the temple! First time for us since before Millie's birth. We went with Kurt, Aunt Dana, Heidi, and James and it was wonderful. We also hit up J Dawgs (yup, I probably gained 20 lbs over this weekend) and took some more pictures in front of BYU landmarks that were too crowded over the last couple days. Then we said goodbye to Kurt and Gretchen and left for Idaho! It was a long drive- longer than normal with a baby and no air conditioning. We stopped for fresh air often so Millie didn't get too hot. Kim and Caleb were so nice to let us stay with them! We celebrated Sam's 2nd birthday that night. He is so cute and smart.

Sunday we had the most delicious breakfast EVER (hopefully for you it'll show up on A Spoonful of Sisters soon) and went to Eliza's blessing. We were so glad to be there for that! It was great to spend time with family. We drove Laura back to Rexburg and then drove around reminiscing (I thought of you the whole time Tiffany!! Miss you!) before heading back home. That was another long drive. A good warmup for the drive to Houston though! 

Also, my father-in-law made a little video with graduation pics, including a bunch we don't have, so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A baby barricade

Coffee table

This roly poly isn't going anywhere!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

We are sentimental fools

I know I've talked a lot about our leaving Provo the last little while, but it pretty much consumes my thoughts these days, so that's what comes out here. Tyler and I went for a walk with Millie yesterday and reminisced on our time here and talked about exciting things in the future. This is the end of a pretty big chapter in our lives! It's crazy.

Heidi spoke in her old ward on her mission yesterday- she did such a great job!! I'm going to miss Heidi so much. We are so glad to have had the chance to spend this time with her. Sometimes I wish it were possible to live by ALL of our family. Maybe I will buy a huge piece of land and we'll just start a family compound? Something to think about. Speaking of family, they start trickling in for graduation on Wednesday and we are so excited!! I just love any excuse to get together. Family is the best.

Also, I finally found something to wear to graduation! Two somethings, actually. And at the two least likely stores. So now my joking about wearing nothing under my gown will stay a joke! Thank goodness. Thanks to Heidi for letting me drag her into store after store day after day. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


Some days just stink. Like when you're up all night with a screaming baby and it's finals time so you're playing a single mom and you can't find a dress to wear at graduation anywhere and you have to throw together a dinner party for 8 people with half a day's notice and you are cooking with one hand because your baby is screaming again and then, to top it all off, you run out of lettuce. And you've already run to the store today.

But then you have good moments. Like when your husband finally comes home and your baby is finally asleep, so you grab that husband and dance in the kitchen to old N'Sync songs and pretend you're in junior high again. Or when the dinner party turns out to be a really fun evening and even though you're exhausted, it's totally worth it. Or when you remember that Provo has a mall too, and even if you've already spent lots of hours shopping, you can try again tomorrow. Or when your baby stops screaming and starts smiling when you sing to her. 

So I guess even the days that seem to stink even out in the end. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A picture and a recipe

Here is Millie Mae in her back-up Easter outfit:

That's one more picture than promised, but oh well. I love that smile and that crazy hair. Someday we will be on-the-ball enough to get pictures before the day is over, when Millie is in her original outfit and hasn't been crying. But these will have to do for this year!

My sisters and I have re-started our cooking blog, and today was my very first post! Check out A Spoonful of Sisters.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Provo bucket list

Our time in Provo is quickly coming to a close- Tyler has 3 more days of classes and then finals, we graduate April 19-20, and then drive off into the sunset (well, sunrise. We plan to leave early) on May 5th. I was always told by everyone that college is the funnest time of your life and to enjoy it. I of couse spent the entire time trying to hurry out. I couldn't wait for our "real life" to start. Now that it's getting closer and closer, I wonder why I was in such a rush!! We have such a good life here and it's never easy to start over. Plus, there are so many things about Provo we're going to miss! So we came up with a Provo bucket list... you know, a list of things to do before we kick the bucket on our time here in Utah. So far this is our list:

-Hike the Y
-Eat at Cafe Rio
-Go to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple
-Breakfast at Magleby's Fresh
-Play tennis at MVHS
-Shakes at Arctic Circle

Do you like how half of those involve food? I do. We already took care of Arctic Circle shakes on Saturday night, and it was awesome. 

Let me also just say that even though I'm going to cry majorly when we leave, I am still so excited to move to Houston! We can't wait to be closer to our immediate families and Blue Bell and free swimming pools. In that order.

p.s. Say a little prayer for Natalie- she is having surgery this week. We are so happy and excited for her! Love you Natty!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scenes from Conference weekend

Pajamas! One of the best parts of Conference weekend!
Millie was very attentive to ALL the speakers, of course

Homemade granola bars. Thanks Pinterest!

chillin' while Mom did the dishes.

Heidi made the most delicious dinner... if you're lucky she'll share the recipe.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Woolf,

We have no idea who you are.

Though we are Tyler and Camille and we do live at the address you wrote, we are not your children.

We are not getting married in 24 days- we've been married for almost 3 years. And we have a kid.

This package we received from you yesterday was obviously not meant for us, though we would like to see Hunger Games....

Happy Easter, and please tell us where this package was meant to go! We will happily take it there for you.


The other Tyler and Camille