Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sugar, spice, and everything nice

That's what our little GIRL is made of! We are having a little girl!!

Now I can start making stuff like this

And maybe this for myself for Halloween?

Tutorial from here

We are SO excited!! Not that a boy would have been bad news, but it's just so fun to know! Hooray for little girls!

Joke's on us!

Much to our disappointment, we did not find out the sex of our baby on Friday.

BUT. We will for sure (I hesitate to say anything for sure but oh well) find out today!!!

Peanut's probably getting a good laugh. I'm just getting more antsy. I had a dream last night that we went in for the ultrasound and I fell asleep. Once I woke up, the ultrasound tech was gone and she hadn't told Tyler if Peanut was a boy or girl! We were freaking out, but suddenly in my mind I knew we were having a girl and I was okay. Weird!! So I'm going to make sure and NOT fall asleep during the ultrasound today.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing says sudden urge

like a baby dancing on your bladder.

Peanut, I love to feel you move, but let's make sure we kick up instead of down, okay?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We may look nice...

but we've got fire in our eyes.

Just kidding. This picture popped up on my desktop last night and we were dying laughing at the insane red-eye we've got. Thank goodness we have a better camera now!

Speaking of not nice... last night we got our textbooks. Yowzas!! Thank goodness it's my last semester. 

p.s. Cast your vote on the right-- is Peanut a boy or girl? We find out Friday! AHHHH! Not sure why the poll listed the question twice... that's a bit annoying!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hanging out

Are you a google+ user? If not, you should be! I am definitely not being paid to praise them, but I benefited from its coolness yesterday and wanted to share. My brother Jeff was released from his mission a few days ago! He is still in Prague, taking my parents around his city, so we haven't been able to see him in person yet. We tried to set up a big video chat session with my whole family, but because of time zone differences and Church meeting differences, we couldn't all meet up with the folks in Prague. Tyler and I got to skype with him and he seems great! Last night, however, those of us in America decided we wanted to try to get on one big video chat session, even if we couldn't all be there. So my siblings and I hopped on google+ and had a "hangout." It was so great! We had all the siblings there except Jeff, and even my brother-in-law Andrew was able to join us from Iraq! I couldn't stop thinking all night how grateful I am for technology and all the cool things we're able to do because of it! I wish I had taken a screen shot of the hangout. It was pretty rad. 

Tyler and I have been pretty lazy lately. Lots of our friends are returning from internships and what-not, so it's pretty much just been us hangin' out. I always love that, but because we are both so bad at making decisions, that usually just means that we're being lazy at home. So to break it up, we hiked the Y on Saturday morning! What a great way to celebrate being 20 weeks pregnant. Half-way baby!!

Not the most attractive picture, but we made it to the top!

We will find out if Peanut is a boy or girl on Friday... I can't really think about that at night or I lose sleep. I'm so excited to know! I'm learning that Peanut likes his/her space. If I have my computer on my lap and it's touching my stomach, Peanut will repeatedly kick right where the computer is! Yesterday I was holding Tyler's hand in church and his elbow was touching my side. Peanut kicked and kicked right there where Tyler's elbow was! It was so funny. Peanut also moves a lot when we're in the car- I'm curious to know if it's because he/she likes car rides or hates them! Guess we'll find out in a few months. :) It's crazy how this little one already seems to have a personality.

To do this week: buy textbooks (yuck), become members of Costco (yay!!), go to the ultrasound on Friday (YAY!!) and enjoy our last few days of freedom before school begins. Sounds good to me!

p.s. I finally figured out how to make pictures big. Now I feel like one of those cool bloggers! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In case you're ever in Columbus, TX

Before we left Texas, we went on a kayaking adventure with Tyler's high school buddy Kevin and his girlfriend Amy! We drove out to Columbus and went kayaking down the Colorado River. I didn't realize the Colorado River came all the way down to our neck of the woods! I learn somethin' new every day I guess. 

Before we hopped in the river!

On the river, we found some friends! Mooooo

Kevin and Amy

The water wasn't very deep, so there were only a few sections where we could get out and swim without getting tangled up in slimy river gunk.
Pretty sure we almost tipped tons of times getting in and out!
Luckily, the train rolled by after we had gone under these bridges.
Can you see my bump? I'm 18 weeks here!
After the 6.5 mile journey, we were sunburnt and tired. But it was so worth it! We totally recommend Howell Canoe Livery for all your tubing, kayaking, and canoeing needs in Houston! They were awesome. They suggested we check out Columbus's claim to fame- they have the 2nd largest live oak tree in Texas! :) It was so impressive.

Thanks Kevin and Amy for a fun day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2 years {and 6 days} ago

we got married.
Best. day. ever.
I smiled the other day when we were at the Distribution Center and the cashier asked us if we had been married a few weeks. Maybe in part because we were buying garments and I probably looked like a newbie, but still! She said we look like newlyweds. Compliment? I think so! It felt pretty good. When we answered that we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary, she said, "Well, you must be doing something right then!" But really, the right-est thing I did was say YES.  I love him more every day and am the luckiest girl in the entire world. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Um, hi.

I've had some people tell me I haven't blogged in a long time... where did July go, anyway? I'm feeling the weirdness of time more and more these days. The combination of anticipating Peanut coming into our family and being busy with our families has made time feel slow AND fast!

Biggest events since I last wrote: Sister's Week, G&M leaving on their missions, and coming back to Utah! Hence the lack of posting... we've been busy. Steph and Kim both came down to Houston, and when Laura got back from school, we had 5/6 sisters. Not bad, but we missed having Linds there terribly. We had lots of fun swimming, working out in the mornings, and crafting. I'll have to get pictures from my mom and post them later, but we made some pretty cute stuff! It was way fun.

Garrett and Mitchell left for Utah on the 30th, so we spent lots of time with them during their last few days packing and playing games. We love them so much and miss them, but they're both doing great and will be such awesome missionaries!

We are back in Utah! We left to drive back on Tuesday and got here Friday. It was a fun drive, full of adventure- as all our road trips seem to be. I guess it really began with lunch at Taste of Texas with the Juergens fam... delish. If you ever go to Houston and want an amazing meal, try Taste of Texas. We left straight from there, full and happy and excited. Randall and Crystal moved to Dallas at the end of this last school year, so we stopped at their place for the night. They were so sweet to put us up and feed us and show us around their town!! I hadn't been there since my family lived there when I was 11... it'd changed so much. We left semi-early the next morning and drove all day. Then weird stuff started happening... the cruise control went off, we weren't able to accelerate, and the car was making a funny, high-pitched whine. Really? So instead of making it to Farmington, NM like we planned, we stopped in Albuquerque around 5 and took the car in to be checked out. Yep, the transmission was going out. No way to know how close we were to actual death, but the nice guy that helped us at the dealership said to bring it back in the next morning to be looked at in more detail. So we stayed the night in Albuquerque and watched the SYTYCD finale and read Harry Potter.

We took the car in again Thursday morning and, after a few hours, were told that we would probably make it home. So reassuring. But we went for it anyway, and left around noon. We made it to Moab and weren't sure how much further we could make it, but there were no rooms available in any of the hotels in Moab and we didn't have our camping stuff! So we went a bit further to Green River and found a room there. Our room even had a heart-shaped tub in it! We laughed and joked that something had finally gone right for us, but then we saw bugs crawling out of the drain in the tub. Guess not! We spent that night reading more HP. That's one of the reasons we love road trips- we get to read! We finished the 3rd book and are about halfway through the 4th now.

Friday morning we finally made it home! We spent the afternoon doing laundry, getting groceries, and relaxing. We even rode our bikes to the temple grounds to read in the shade- it's just so fun to be back here! I'm loving the weather. We left our window open last night and it felt so great. Today was spent doing some shopping, cleaning and organizing, and just enjoying being together! Tyler will start work again next week and I'll keep working on my Humanities class. Two weeks until school starts!

We will find out if Peanut is a boy or girl in about a week! We can't wait to know. I have finally started to feel Peanut move, which is so fun. It's crazy! We love our Peanut and can't wait to meet him. Or her. Who knows??