Friday, September 25, 2015

Little things

I babysat a little boy for a few days and one day his brother came too. We ventured out to the splash pad and no one wanted to walk! Who needs a gym when I can push 120+ pounds around??

We tried baking donuts. They were pretty but reeeeeally disappointing in taste and texture. Bummer.

It's time to start crocheting again! Working on a blanket for the Westons this year. 

We grabbed two little plastic lawn mower toys off the side of the road on trash day and Max loves pushing them around! If only it really worked.

We are loving our library haul this time around.

I know they say that someday I will miss this, so I take pictures to remember. Jam hands.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A few traditions

We are pretty routine-oriented over here. I was reading a poem about traditions in this month's Friend magazine to Millie and we got to talking about our family's traditions. 

{Almost} every evening the kids and I go outside to greet Tyler when he comes home. Sometimes I wonder if Tyler would appreciate a little space instead of being bombarded the second he opens the car door, but we are always really happy to see him!

Clothing is optional for this.

We went to Zube Park last weekend to ride the trains. It might seem lame that we do it so often, but we really like it (free and not very time consuming) and the kids love it. This last time the Stapleys came with us which was really fun.

Saturday football games! We have loved watching (or listening to, since we don't have cable) the Cougs this year, especially Mitchell. Garrett had an injury and will join him out there soon.

If the weather is nice and we are home and it is late in the afternoon, you can pretty much bet that we are out in the back yard! 

Colorado extras

All of these pics were stolen from Lindsay's blog, and they're all from our time in Colorado. They are much better than my phone pics! Fun times.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First glimpse of fall

We had a nice cool morning (meaning, below 90 degrees) a little bit ago. Sure made our run and stop at the park feel nice!!

It was Gigi's birthday! We stopped by and somehow walked away with birthday balloons and a new movie and treats. That's Gigi in a nutshell: always giving! Happy birthday Gigi!

Maybe she thought she would fly? I don't know!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend warriors, or something

Our weekend: a Millie-mommy date to Target, finding our belly buttons, cheering on the Cougars (especially Mitchell and Garrett!), and playing in the backyard sans clothing.  

Little things

We had a fun youth activity a couple weeks ago: a glowstick dance competition! They split into groups to choreograph a dance (we gave them songs) and then they performed for each other with the lights off on stage. Even shy kids could get into it since you really could only see the glow sticks! 

Max had a rough week. Very sad and clingy and runny nosey and diaper rashy. It was as fun as it looks.

Max is always tackling someone!

Or climbing somewhere he shouldn't be!

Both kids are pretty obsessed with this fire truck lately. They go crazy fast on it! 

Our home teacher brought Millie some Bitty Baby stuff, which renewed her love of her baby doll.

Beautiful sunset the other night.

Playing in a sun shower. My favorite kind of rain!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

10 on 10: Sept. 2015

1. Max the monkey will hang from anything!

2. I was cleaning the bathroom and turned around to find I wasn't the only one. Love this little helper.

3. Preschool pickup.

4. Happy to be home!

5. Re-reading this before reading "Go Set a Watchman."

6. Coloring, fueled by muffins.

7. Hi Daddy!

8. Millie set up a party for when Dad came home. She made a "rainbow cake" and had pillows for everyone to sit on. How thoughtful.

9. "Mom, I'm digging up weed!" Say it a little louder, Millie. I don't think the cop next door heard you.

10. We are into bubble baths lately!