Thursday, September 24, 2015

A few traditions

We are pretty routine-oriented over here. I was reading a poem about traditions in this month's Friend magazine to Millie and we got to talking about our family's traditions. 

{Almost} every evening the kids and I go outside to greet Tyler when he comes home. Sometimes I wonder if Tyler would appreciate a little space instead of being bombarded the second he opens the car door, but we are always really happy to see him!

Clothing is optional for this.

We went to Zube Park last weekend to ride the trains. It might seem lame that we do it so often, but we really like it (free and not very time consuming) and the kids love it. This last time the Stapleys came with us which was really fun.

Saturday football games! We have loved watching (or listening to, since we don't have cable) the Cougs this year, especially Mitchell. Garrett had an injury and will join him out there soon.

If the weather is nice and we are home and it is late in the afternoon, you can pretty much bet that we are out in the back yard! 

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