Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Driving home

We drove home with Monka and Sarah. The drive home is never as fun as the drive to a vacation! But luckily Gigi had sent up some travel goodies for the kids which made it so much more fun.

We drove to Monticello on Saturday night and stayed in a hotel. We drove by the Monticello temple on Sunday morning before heading out. The road in front of it was closed but we drove on it anyway because Mom was sure it would be fine. It was a funny adventure to start our day and we made it out with no damage and a lesson learned!

The railroad tracks ran next to the road for a good stretch so we saw lots of trains. Millie was obsessed with beating them.

We drove to Steph's house in Alamogordo, NM and stayed with them Sunday night. Below is a giant pistachio statue we saw at a farm not to far from Alamogordo. There are some real gems we just wouldn't get to see if we were flying!

We got to celebrate Dean's birthday with the Webbs and not eat fast food for dinner, so it was a great night. We woke up early the next morning and made the rest of the drive home! 

Getting into Texas meant we only had 12 hours to go! Lovely.

Mom's Junior Mints melted into the bottom of the box and then hardened again, forcing her to rip open the box and eat them with a fork. Again, the joys of road trips!

Lots of peek-a-boo. He was either laughing or whining so I went to great lengths to keep him laughing.

We finally made it home around 9pm on  Monday. Everyone was SO happy to be home!! 

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