Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Utah, day 8

On Saturday we checked out of the house, returned our rental car, and got to hang out with AJ, Mitchell, Garrett, McKenna, Brandon, James, and Heidi!

We got to watch a BYU football scrimmage! Go Cougars!!

After the scrimmage we walked to Wendy's so the kids could eat and then went to Cafe Rio so we adults could eat. Yummmmm.

I had my ring cleaned and fixed up while we were there. I felt like a giddy engaged girl again with a shiny ring on my finger! Couldn't stop staring at it.

After hanging out at AJ and Mitchell's apartment, Tyler and AJ dropped me and the kids off at my grandma's house, where Mom and Sarah were waiting. Max fell asleep on the way there and was out the whole time!

In fact, Max stayed asleep through the visit and then through the transfer to the car again! I wonder if he was tired? We enjoyed our visit with Grandma.

From Grandma's house we started our journey to Texas! We had a great time and were ready to go home.

Meanwhile, Tyler had a fun night with his brothers. He and AJ hiked the Y.

Tyler went to church with AJ and Mitchell the next day and then they took him to the airport so he could head to Canada for his business trip!

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