Monday, January 27, 2014

A trip to Lufkin

Millie and I went to see my family this past week. I needed to get away a bit, Sarah's school play was showing, and Kim, Sam, Eliza, and Grandma Andersen were coming to Texas! We had a fun week. Some of the highlights were: watching lots of HGTV, building fires, eating meals by the fire because the kitchen was cold, watching Millie play with her cousins, visiting with Grandma, seeing Sarah star in "Bye-Bye Birdie," waking up to snow (in Texas! Over an inch! What??), and antique shopping just me, Kim, and Mom. It was a great 5 days, and Millie is already asking to go back to Monka's house.

Driving up... she loves putting on doll clothes
First selfie
Second selfie, while sneezing

Now I know where I get my habit of bringing ice water everywhere I go! Thanks Mom.
She hopped in the front seat and said, "I wanna drive. K?"

On a walk to see the longhorns next door

A little girl asked for Sarah's autograph

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goodbye beebies {and other transitions}

Millie is going through lots of changes lately. In preparation for baby boy to come, we moved her out of her crib and onto a big girl bed (aka twin sized mattress on the floor). She did really well with the transition! 

First nap in her big girl bed
The other big change was just over a week ago, when she threw her binky ("beebies") in the trash! I wasn't expecting to do it that day, but I was talking to her about it- how babies have beebies and big girls don't need them, and how pretty soon we're going to have to throw it away. She said, "Okay!" and waltzed over to the trash can and tossed it in. Of course, it wasn't so dandy when naptime/bedtime came, but she has done much better than I expected. Of course. I should just know by now that she's just amazing and will always surprise me! She cries for it a bit sometimes, but has had two times that she hasn't asked for it at all. I'm so proud of her.

About to toss the beebies
Finally fell asleep after 1.5 hours of protest/crying that first day
Next up is potty training. It's my biggest fear as far as parenting young kids goes, so I'm not ready just yet! I'm thinking maybe in the summer, after baby boy is here. Millie is awesome and I'm so thankful that she is such a good girl!

Catching up

We are keeping quietly busy these days. Tyler is in full-on busy season again, so that means two things: 1) our weekends are either spent packing in the fun or relaxing and 2) Millie and I get creative with ways to pass the time on the days that feel really long. Here are some random pictures on my phone of those two things.

The only way she'll swing these days
A little Friday night fro-yo

Playdate with Delilah at the park

Showing Daddy her favorite dressups
Taking her babies on a Sunday walk in her double jogging stroller. For dolls. It is ridiculous/adorable.

A pic we sent to Uncle Gar-Gar to show him how much she loves the hat he sent her from Peru
Painted my own toenails at 30 weeks pregnant! And shaved my legs. Wowzas.
Oh, the things this girl wears.
She finally likes the slippers Santa brought for Christmas

Monday, January 13, 2014

Random weekend things

-Saturday Millie and I played with Charlotte and Ben's 3 kids while they went to the temple. We loved having a little company and noise, especially since Tyler had to work most of the day.

Playing dressup- her legs disappeared in my boots!

-Saturday night we went to the H's house for dinner and s'mores. Dusty and Stephanie are two of Millie's nursery leaders, and we were hoping that seeing them outside of nursery would be good for Millie. We had a great time with them and it did help! Millie stayed in nursery through both hours. Usually she just screams until they bring her back to me, but this time she only cried intermittently, so they kept her. Hallelujah! I've been telling her every Sunday for a few months that if she stayed and was a good girl, we could make cookies after church. Millie finally held up her end of the deal, so I did too!

-The weather has been beautiful the last few days. Today we finally had the time and good enough weather for a walk with Sharon and Jared! It'd been way too long, and it was great to catch up with them. And of course play at the park.

-She insisted on wearing this hat in the tub... love her and her cheesy smile.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 on 10: January 2014

Millie poked every PB bar my sweet friend brought over
Breakfast essentials: Beanie, toast, yogurt, juice, and a play remote control
Beautiful birthday bouquet from my RS Pres
Cute natural waves
A new display for my OCD list-making
The nurturer
Friday night at Best Buy
Of course she finds the pink gadget
Spinning in the clerk's office chairs at the church
A little reading in her doll bassinet