Monday, January 6, 2014

The rest of the break, in pictures

Tyler is back at work today, which I'm a little bit in denial about. It has been SO wonderful to have lots of time as a family the last two weeks! We know we have a couple of rough months ahead with busy season, so we soaked up every last minute together. I think I've pretty much blogged all of the big stuff, so here is everything that was neglected.

I fell asleep putting Millie down for a nap one day
What happens when I try to go to the bathroom alone
Millie stole Botz's hat at Willie's 
She looooved Elf
Trying out the bath paint set she got for Christmas

Playing with Daddy while Mom waited in line

On our way to the temple- squished!
Taking down Christmas
Millie's idea of lamb chops? Kinda morbid
Dad helped organize Millie's kitchen
She only snuggles when she's reeeeeeaally tired


Katie said...

Love all of these photos. Where in TX do you live again? We have been casually talking about where we want to move next and Austin is on the list. It wouldn't be for another two years or so, but I'm already pushing for Texas! PS I love that little kitchen. Eva would be so jealous.

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous family pictures!! You look so great cam! And where is that spectacular kitchen from?!

Sharon said...

So fun and so cute! I love the "lamb chops." :)