Friday, March 29, 2013

Any given afternoon

If you came to our house in the late afternoon, it's likely that you'd find Millie and I outside. I pull weeds and Millie plays/explores/relaxes. There will definitely be more helping out from little missy in the future, but for now I'm really glad that she gets to be a kid!! When I see her happily looking at the clouds, I secretly wish I was still a kid myself- but I wouldn't trade this for anything.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First word

Tyler and I talked about Millie's first word a lot before it happened. What would it be? When would it be? We should watch what we say! I hope it's funny!

{For the purpose of record-keeping, Millie did say "papa" for a few weeks whenever she saw a picture of my dad, but it didn't last, so I'm not sure if that counts. Moving on.}

Millie's bedtime routine (when Daddy's home) goes like this: she takes a bath and then Daddy reads the scriptures to us while I feed Millie her bottle. She often finds reasons to stop drinking for a minute-- to share her milk with Daddy, to point at my eyes or nose, to babble something really important, to make sure I have her binky in my hand, etc. But a few weeks ago, she sat up, took the bottle out of her mouth, pointed at her bouncy ball in the corner of the room, and said very clearly, "Ball." As if it was so important that we know that the ball is, in fact, a ball that she had to come out of her non-speaking state to tell us. Very deliberate and serious (and hilarious to us). 

So that was it! We cheered and clapped and made her repeat it a bunch of times before resuming bedtime activities. The way it happened is very Millie- she doesn't do things until she can do them really well! You should watch her say "more" in sign language. There has never been a better "more." That girl cracks us up!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Millie things

-Millie's favorite thing lately is to pray. Well, to fold her arms anyway. There have seriously been times where I've wondered what I should do (like when Millie was sick or when we were locked out) and I wonder it out loud, and then look over to see Millie fold her arms. It's adorable- I hope she always knows to pray when she doesn't know what else to do. But there are also times where she wants to pray over every morsel of food that passes her lips. Cute and time-consuming.

-She LOVES to be outside. I found a cute miniature lawn chair at Wal-Mart for $5 and it was probably the best purchase ever. Millie sits in it outside, inside, wherever! She even pushes it around on the tile (because that's obviously way more exciting than pushing her shopping cart or stroller). We eat lunch outside, go to the park, and bring things outside that we normally do inside.

-Millie can sign all done, eat, more, water, and we're working on thank you. She doesn't say much yet, but tries really hard to copy what we say.

-Another obsession of late is shoes. She practices taking them off and putting them on (and crying in frustration when she can't) all day long. We recently got her a few new pairs since she grew out of all her old ones, and she thinks they're the coolest!

-She's still not being a great eater. At least, not of the things I want her to eat! She's happy to eat her baby food and crackers and, of course, sweets. I've learned a lot with her of what NOT to do for future children! I'm trying to get her to eat what we eat, and right now that involves letting her play with a little bit of it. Very messy, but she's tried apples recently and liked them (which she would never let in her mouth before) so I hope we're making progress. 

-Millie loves to climb and can even get up and down from the couch by herself. I caught her with one foot over the edge of her crib the other day, so I wonder how close we are to a toddler bed. When we go to the park she wants to run and play with the older kids on the big playground. She gets so mad when I hold her back!! She's growing up too quickly.

-She still loves to put on hats and scarves- I need to make her some dress-ups! I'll put an apron on her when we're cooking/baking and she stands in front of the fridge and looks at herself. Millie is a girl, for sure!

-The biggest change for Millie physically has been her hair- it's getting so long! I can't wait to braid it and curl it. We think she is pretty darn beautiful, in our completely unbiased opinion.

-She is interested in coloring these days, which is so fun! She'll sit and scribble and put her hand down on the paper so I'll trace it.

Millie is my little buddy. We love her so much!

Long hair and the box she has been sitting on to do everything the last 2 days

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Tyler surprised us by coming home a little bit early yesterday. {Have you noticed that all of my blog posts of late start with that sentence? That's when all of our blog-worthy things happen. Anyways....} He has a new app on his phone that finds geocaches near you. So we decided to try it for our FHE activity last night!

Geocache #1:

The geocache was under the ramp up to this lovely place! It was meant to be!
Geocache #2: Fail. Never found it.

Geocache #3:

This one was kinda tricky because of how small it was. Found it in a cement curb at a store. Millie thought it was cute!

We have a new family goal now: make our own geocache!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A staycation

After the fun and excitement of the rodeo, there was even more to look forward to. Tyler got Thursday and Friday off {and Saturday too}! This was a serious treat after the last few months. So we had ourselves a little staycation and found some fun things to do around here.

Thursday after my YW meeting we went up to the Galleria. We played with my future new phone in a few stores, took the see-through elevator {and the escalator} up and down, found an indoor playground, took Millie to the Disney store, watched ice-skaters, and just enjoyed walking around together. 

The playground was a miniature Galleria, with cars and buildings and streets and everything. Pretty cute.

She was a little hesitant at first

The mirror told stories... weird and cool
We were all exhausted by the end of the day!
Also, here's a video of Millie's funny new laugh.

Friday we went to Home Depot first thing to get some spring lawn-care stuff. I was feeling pretty grown up buying fertilizer for our very own lawn! That's still crazy to me. 
Off on her own adventure. Our new favorite game is just to follow Millie! 

After naps {and some lawn-mowing and fertilizing} we tried to go to Trader's Village, but it was closed. So we drove by the local flight school and watched some tiny planes take off and land, which was really cool to see! Then we went to the outlets for a little bit, but Millie was having tummy troubles and it was really windy and we were all just tired, so we came home pretty quickly.

That night my mom and Sarah came to stay with us! Saturday we did some shopping with them at two outlet malls.

Millie picked these herself... kinda scared for her teenage years
Mom and Sarah continued to shop while we came home so Millie could nap. We took a walk when she woke up and then made Cafe Rio for dinner. Yum! Our visitors {Mom, Sarah, Tim, and Lauren} left after dinner, and we crashed. Fun is so exhausting! 

Laughing at Millie during dinner
We loved having Daddy home with us for a few days! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Houston Rodeo 2013

So, I got one of the best phone calls of my life on Wednesday. I was with Gigi and Grammy and Millie having our girl's day, when Tyler called around noon. He said he was going to lunch with his team and then coming home!! His client filed that day, so it was the end of the big audit. Then he asked if I could get out of going to the Young Women's activity that night and if we had a babysitter for Millie. Yes and yes (thanks to Gigi)! His boss had given him tickets to the rodeo for that night! And they were nice tickets in a box, where they serve you yummy food and everything! I kept saying "No way!" each one getting louder and higher-pitched than the last. So he came home, we dropped Millie off with Gigi, and headed downtown.

Herding us in like cattle
Anything miniature is adorable
But that is not
We HAD to get a famous rodeo cinnamon roll
It did not disappoint!!

Longhorns... it smelled REALLY good in there

Yummy food

Blue Bell ice cream in a little plastic cowboy hat (that I may or may not have rinsed out and brought home for Millie!)
We saw someone get seriously hurt and I thanked Tyler for being an accountant
Dierks Bentley time!!

We had so much fun! I didn't know how many of Dierks Bentley's songs I knew and loved before this. He would not have been my first choice of concerts to go to, but we both really enjoyed it! We both loved the rodeo events too. My favorite was by far mutton bustin'- those kids were adorable. But barrel racing was fascinating and the wagon races were fun too. It was a peek into a world that I really know nothing about, and it was cool to see!

We plan to make the rodeo a tradition as long as we live here. I'm glad that we didn't bring Millie because it was SO loud (I think after my classes on hearing loss I'm a little bit sensitive to that) but we will definitely take her in future years. It was awesome! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A husband, not a burglar

Last night, I plopped down on the couch with my yarn and crochet hook, turned on an old episode of Parenthood, and settled in for the evening. This is what I usually do after Millie goes to bed, since (as I've definitely mentioned before) Tyler works late and I knew he wouldn't be home for a good 4+ hours. 

At about 8:45, I heard the garage door open! I stood up to make sure that's what it was, since I often mistake the heater coming on for the garage door. Sure enough, the laundry room door started beeping (sure, it works for him but not for me). Tyler walks in the door with the biggest grin I've seen on his face in a while, then laughs as he sees me standing in the kitchen, my scissors in hand, ready to attack! My heart was beating so fast. 

So we pulled our air mattress into the living room and caught up on Suits (after Parenthood was over, of course) and talked about which phone I'm going to get in a few weeks when my contract is up. {Samsung Galaxy SIII or iPhone? Help!}

It was the best Monday night surprise ever. I can't wait until he can come home "early" every night! 
An old phone picture from back when we were engaged
*Side note: He said to me later, "You know I could have totally dominated you even with those scissors, right?" I guess I'm not as intimidating as I'd hoped.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Goal reporting

Gotta be held accountable, right??

Camille's goals:

-No Pinterest in February. I did it! And I may or may not have spent an hour on it this morning catching up. This was a good goal for me and I'm glad I did it. Hopefully going forward I can be more moderate in my pinterest-ing!

-Try 4 new recipes. To be honest, I don't really remember if I completed this or not. I know for sure I did at least 2 new recipes though! I made these potatoes and these Rolo bars. The potatoes I loved and the Rolo bars were not such a hit, won't make them again. I don't always make the effort to try something new, so this was a good goal.

-Do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Since Steph has been waiting for her blanket since before Millie was born, I thought that should go first! But we decided on a different pattern, inspired by Ann Perkins' blanket on Parks and Rec. I'm kind of loving it.
Are you sick of these photobooth pictures yet? I am!
It's much cuter in real life, and when all the different kinds of squares are done {and sewn together and the ends are woven in} it will look much more cohesive. But the colors are so fun and bright!

Tyler's goals:

-Be the best-looking auditor ever. Still is!

-Work 80+ hours/week. Still happening! He is such a trooper.

-No tinkering with the phone while at home. Does it sound like he had time for tinkering? He definitely accomplished this one. 

Millie's goals:

-Eat as many fruit snacks as humanly possible. She did eat her way through a whole box {okay maybe she had some help}, and one day she somehow got to eat two packets. In my defense, it was the only way to keep her quiet at Church! It was a survival technique.

-Escape Mom's grip and run out into the street. Millie is sad that this didn't happen, but I am not!

-Thwart any efforts to be clean and orderly. Done! Not that this was anything new... but she did a great job.

On to March!!

Book Review: The Happiness Project

For the record, this is the second time I've read this book. I really like it! When I made the goal to read 24 books this year, "The Happiness Project" was the only one that I wrote down specifically (the rest I'm picking as I go). 

What I love about this book is that the author's project is all about being happy in her own life! I never read "Eat, Pray, Love" because I heard it is the exact opposite. I think a big part of life is learning to be happy in your own skin! I don't necessarily agree with all of her goals, but it's a great springboard for setting my own. I love this book and I don't think that will be the last time I read it!