Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More wedding partying

Tim and Lauren came to Houston for a second wedding reception! It was fun to see them after their honeymoon. Millie was so excited to wear her "wedding dress" again.

Her shorter hair will actually hold curl for a couple hours. Cutest thing ever.

They had a photo booth with props at the reception. Millie dragged anyone who would come into it with her! She ended the night with 5 different photo booth strips. 

I also have to note how Millie was SO excited to dance at the party. It was a little bit sad that she didn't have her cousins to dance with this time, but it didn't stop her from dancing the night away. We weren't planning to stay the whole time but we were some of the last to leave! Max almost fell asleep in my arms and said no every time I asked him if he wanted to dance. They are two very different kiddos and I love it.

They did a bubble send off this time, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

On our way home Tyler and I talked about how fun it is to see our families with our kids. Especially at times like this where they're both there - our kids are really lucky to have so many people who love them and to have so many of them live close by!

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