Friday, September 18, 2015

More random pictures

We're still hanging out at the splash pad, even though the pool is closed. 

Pooped out after a morning at the splash pad.

Max has decided he is so over the high chair. I got him a booster seat but that was not received well. Chair it is! He looks so grown up sitting there. At first I was thinking how young he is to be sitting at the table, but I think it was at about this age that Millie refused the high chair too.

Zoning out at the outlet mall.

Whenever I sit down, these two are never far away!

I made them model the new clothes I got for them, which apparently is a really mean thing to do.

Hiding from me. She does this lately when she is mad at me or she's been punished.

We spend pretty much every late afternoon playing in the back yard. It's nice and shady, and these days it's only about 90 degrees! Which is a big difference from 98. 

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