Monday, June 20, 2016

10 on 10: June 2016

1. Playing with cars - legs make the best tracks!

2. My smoothie-lovin' boy. He calls them "movies."

3. It is like magic - I put Max in a swim diaper right before we want to leave for the pool and then he poops! It really happens so often and it's kind of frustrating.

4. Adult swim is torture! Fuzzy picture because I put my phone in a plastic bag to keep it dry.

5. Finally getting wet and enjoying it!

6. Someone is ready to go home.

7. It's always hard to leave the pool. 

8. Swimming tuckers her right out every day!

9. Waiting in the cell phone lot for Tyler's plane to land. They loved crawling around in the back of the car.

10. We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

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