Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day started off with some yard work for Tyler. Gigi and Poppy surprised us and came to help. So sweet of them. It was super muggy that morning and I had a strange dizzy spell where I nearly fainted, and luckily Gigi was there to help me to the couch and cool me down. It was strange and kinda scary. I've been very careful about the heat since then. 

Once the yard was done and we were all ready to go we headed off to Beaumont for a fun day with the Westons, Allsops, the Webb kids, and Monka and Ampa! We swam, barbequed (is that a word?), played and visited. We forgot to get a picture of the fun group unfortunately.

While we were there, Millie figured out how to do a flip (as she calls it, it's more of a somersault) into the pool. No one taught her how, she just kind of figured it out!! Eva and Brynlee watched her and learned too and they had fun "flipping" together.

Also a highlight was watching their neighbor's helicopter come land and take off again. It was pretty darn cool to see!

It was such a fun day that Millie screamed most of the way home! So hard to leave cousins. We're excited to see them again in a couple weeks.

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Joanna Freeman said...

Oh my...this makes me want to come to Texas!! How fun to get together with everyone. Glad Max is feeling better - and glad you are too! You are a champ, Cam, and I love you!