Saturday, June 11, 2016

Little things

Watching the kids (specifically Max) with cousin Wes has made me so excited for another baby. I was worried he wouldn't handle babies well but he loves Wes so much. Hopefully it's the same story when the baby doesn't go away and takes up Mom's arms and attention!

We had some gloomy weather (like most of April and May) so when Millie had a friend over we cleared the garage and they scootered around in it.

Dressing room shenanigans.

Lawn mower races. I love that our backyard is shady in the evenings!

Millie has a renewed love for her baby dolls lately and will often ask me to babysit. 

"Mom, take my picture!"

Just a pic to remember a night I took a bath at 2am watching Parks and Rec because I was up til 3am with raging heartburn. I luckily haven't had it very much this pregnancy, but when I do it is like nothing I've ever felt before and lasts forever!! 

Max has a little fascination with ghosts lately. He talks about a ghost in the playroom (I think he's referring to the shadow of the chandelier) and loves to put a towel or blanket over his head to be one.

Millie's portrait of our family at the beach. I love the detail she adds lately, like the stripes in my dress and the sleeves on the boys' shirts (I called them floaties at first and was corrected).

This is how we roll at the store. 

Max was so done shopping! Luckily, the family picture gods have smiled upon us and we are done trying to find outfits for everyone.

I just really love this stage where Millie is so happy and entertained with just a notebook and pen. Though I do need to remember to get her one of her own, because my list notebook is filling up with her little doodles!

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