Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in review

It's always fun to look back on the previous year. I really feel like I need to this year to remind myself that it actually happened, because this year has gone so quickly in my mind! Time is so weird.

January: I turned 24, Millie turned 1, Tyler began his first busy season at work.

February: I opened an Etsy shop, Tyler continued to work long hours, Millie and I tried to keep busy at home.

March: We spent lots of time outside working in the yard, Millie said her first word, Tyler's hours got better, we went to the Houston Rodeo, had a little staycation, and I got a smartphone.

April: I took a million pictures since I had a new phone, we met Tyler for lunch a few times since he was temporarily at a closer client, and we took advantage of our weekends (trains at Zube Park, Woodlands Arts Festival, Thoroughly Modern Millie).

May: Tyler turned 26, we went to Lufkin for Mother's Day/Mom's birthday, spent lots of time outside, spent lots of time with family, first swim of the year.

June: two words-- Dude Ranch.

July: Tyler had a staycation, we said goodbye to Uncle AJ, Millie and I went to Lufkin, we found out we are expecting baby #2!

August: I started to feel really sick, my family visited when Laura went to the temple, Garrett and Mitchell came home from their missions, Millie and I went to Utah for Laura and Tom's wedding.

September: Tyler had 2 week-long business trips, I was sick, and Millie became quite the little swimmer. This month is a little foggy in my memory. 

October: We went to Lufkin for General Conference and Sarah's play, then the Lufkin-ites came to us for the BYU game and trains at Zube Park, had fun at Halloween parties where Millie was the cutest little soccer player ever.

November: Millie and I took a weekend trip to Lufkin, we found out that we are having a boy, we all went to Utah for Ryan's funeral, and then we went to Lufkin for Thanksgiving! Busy month of traveling.

December: Lots of holiday parties and time with family on both sides! We had a great Christmas.

So I'd say this has been a pretty darn good year! Looking forward to another great one.

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Sharon said...

What a great year!