Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013, part 1

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! Tyler had most of the week off of work so we went to Lufkin on Tuesday morning and stayed until Saturday afternoon. All but 3 members of my family were there, and it was quite a party! We had a great week.

Tuesday: arrived around lunch time and met everyone at Chik-Fil-A. Had a fun afternoon playing inside, since it was raining like crazy. The kids played Wii, the boys played pool, and the girls talked. Made s'mores in the fireplace for dessert, which Millie took approximately 3 bites out of. I guess she's not much of a marshmallow girl- she kept picking the chocolate off! Can't say I blame her.

Hashtags were a running joke throughout the week, and even the kids picked up on it

Millie loved baby Jane

Millie bonded with Tyler pretty quickly- he is such a sweet cousin
Wednesday: games at the church since it was still raining. Laura and Tom led everyone in a workout and the adults played volleyball while the kids ran around the gym. Kim won the planking contest, even though she is pregnant. Everyone else was very embarrassed! We brought pizza to the church and then went home for naps. Some went to see "Freebirds" while others stayed behind. We celebrated Dad's birthday, which was a few days before. The kids made a big banner for him and we had his favorite dessert- strawberry cheesecake. The adults played Bananagrams after the kids went to bed- I love playing games with my family!

Kelsey is quite the cuddler and loved Uncle Tyler

The family that sweats together, stays together 

Matching jammies
 Thursday: there was a temporary misplacing of the key to the church, so we did not go back for games. Instead we braved the cold and played outside! The kids loved playing in the leaves. There was lots of cooking and baking going on of course. In the afternoon we performed a little Thanksgiving program at Dad's facility. I had a pretty embarrassing moment, messing up a word in one of the solos and being unable to control my laughter! I blame it on my pregnancy brain. After singing we came home to put the finishing touches on dinner. When we got to baking the rolls, the oven shut down!! I guess some grease or gravy had spilled down into the range and it went into a safety mode. The boys attempted to bake them over the fire, which worked, except for the extremely smokey taste. We ended up slicing french bread to go with Thanksgiving dinner! The evening ended with pie and ice cream outside by a fire and sharing what we're thankful for. Once the kids were down for the night, we adults played a new (to us) game- 4 on a couch. It was perfect for such a large group and we had a great time!

A kickball game with the kids

The cup song, of course
Part 2 to come soon!


Tiffany said...

What a fun thanksgiving Iloved the roll story and the picture of the pizza's laid out at the church such an anderson/ray thing haha! I am glad you got to be with family during the holiday!

Tiffany said...

ps we need a belly picture!!! :)