Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dancing queen

On Friday night we went to the wedding reception of a couple in our ward. We all had a great time- especially Millie. This girl didn't stop dancing the entire time once the music came on! I just sat back and laughed and took a million videos and pictures. She spent half the time on the floor, and I was tempted to leave a note for whoever was cleaning the building the next morning to tell them not to bother mopping. Surely Millie's dress did a good enough job! Millie's friend Storey came and danced with her- they were so cute and funny together. Anytime we tried to take her off the dance floor, Millie yelled, "I DANCE!" and squirmed her way out of our arms. When this girl wants to dance, watch out.

Storey kept bringing her chocolate kisses. Millie didn't mind at all 

I tried to upload a video but can't for some reason. You'll just have to believe me- it was hilarious! We love our little dancer.

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Lindsay said...

oh my gosh this made me laugh out loud and Brynlee was saying "awwww!" haha what a cutie!