Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas break begins

Between holidays and vacation days, Tyler has this whole week and next week off of work! That's definitely something to celebrate. We started our partying towards the end of last week.

Thursday night we had a visit from my parents and Sarah. They came and stayed the night since my dad had meetings in Houston on Friday. While the men worked on Friday, Mom, Sarah, Millie, and I went shopping. Well, until a migraine cut the fun short for Mom. Sarah and I went to a few more stores in the afternoon while Mom slept it off and Millie took a nap too.

That night the Juergens, Morris, and Andersen families all had dinner together! We have 2 married couples and one other possible couple mixed and matched between our 3 families, so it's fun to get together. After dinner my family left and the rest of us checked out the Johnson's Christmas lights! It was such a warm night that we hopped out of the car and walked down the street instead of driving.

Saturday we went up to the Woodlands to see Grammy. It was raining like crazy on the way there {why does it always rain when we're going to the Woodlands??} but luckily we made it safely. We picked Grammy up and went to The Woodlands Mall right as Santa was arriving. Unfortunately, this year it was even more traumatic! As we stood in line, Millie clenched her legs around my belly tighter and tighter as we got closer. She wouldn't let go of me and certainly wouldn't sit on his lap! So I sat next to Santa and she screamed. It was hilarious!

I don't know how my phone did this. It's funny.

Millie had fun playing with the puppies in the pet store and then we met Gigi and Poppy at Jerrybuilt for lunch. After a couple more little errands we took Grammy home and headed home ourselves. That night I took Gigi, Poppy, Tyler, and Millie back to the light show I saw with our YW- Christmas in Cypress. Millie wasn't as into it as I'd hoped, but we adults still loved it! We're thinking we might have to go one more time before it's over for this year.

Drawing on the chalk walls at Jerry Built

After church on Sunday we packed a bag (okay, a few) and went to Gigi and Poppy's so we could be with everyone instead of having to go back and forth from our house all the time. They had a Christmas puzzle all ready to go and after dinner with Nana and Botz, Tyler rarely moved from his spot at the puzzle table. We were up late working on it and made lots of progress.

Monday morning I had a doctor's appointment. Tyler got to come with me and Millie got to play with Gigi while we went! We were especially excited because the Grand Parkway just reached 290, making the drive out to the doctor's office in Katy SO  much faster. We were probably more excited about it than we should have been, but it's a big deal!

More puzzle progress

We laid low the rest of the day- took a walk to the park to play and feed the ducks, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas a bunch of times, and of course worked on the puzzle.

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