Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

We were pretty jazzed about not traveling this Christmas. As fun as it is to get away, it's also really nice to be in your own area! Though we still packed bags and stayed at Gigi and Poppy's house instead of our own, it felt different knowing that we were only 10-ish minutes away from our own house if we needed anything.

Christmas Eve Millie woke up pretty cranky. The poor girl has been rocked by our crazy weather the last little while (80 one day, 40 the next, back and forth) and she had been coughing for a couple of days already. We laid low in the morning, finished the puzzle, and tried to get her feeling as well as she could be. We met up with Poppy, Heidi, and James at Poppy's office and then we were off to Grammy's! She served us (all of her kids and grandkids) a yummy lunch and we played fun games- 4 on a couch, Left Right Center, and Picture. Grammy made us laugh with her green light-up wig she threw on at the end of the day. We had a great time with everyone!

Once we got home, we put on our Christmas jammies (which Millie was super-excited about, since she is obsessed with this video).

Not sure why...

Millie loves Uncle James
The boys
The girls
We snacked on yummy treats, read the account of Christ's birth, and watched "Joy to the World" before putting Millie to bed. After that we ate some more, played games (Qwirkle and Tenzi), and watched Person of Interest. It was so fun laying out Santa's presents before going to bed- the boys brought in the play kitchen Gigi and Poppy got for Millie and I wanted to go wake her up right then!

They had the pleasure of assembling that beast
Since Millie still wasn't 100%, I did not want to wake her up early on Christmas morning. Instead we enjoyed breakfast casserole and orange rolls before she got up! When we brought her down around 7:30 she gasped and pointed to her new play kitchen- it was all about the kitchen from then on. It was so fun to watch her be so excited! We opened presents and felt pretty spoiled/blessed.

I asked for a smile and got this instead

The plan was to talk with Uncle Tim at 8, but due to technical difficulties it happened at 10:15ish. Then we got to see Uncle Andrew at 11! We loved seeing our missionary brothers so happy and doing the Lord's work. Technology is pretty wonderful sometimes.

Nana and Gigi made a yummy lunch for us and we feasted pretty hardcore! Heidi and James went to see James's family after that and I put Millie down for a nap. We played Tenzi with Grammy, Nana, and Botz, and watched some more episodes of Person of Interest. Meaning, I slept through some more episodes of Person of Interest.

In the evening we packed up and took all our stuff back to our house, including the play kitchen. Millie kept shouting "Hooray!" and "Oh yes!" as Tyler and Kurt loaded it up and brought it inside. She put all her dishes in it and immediately started making us some "soup." 

Reading "Fancy Nancy" which she calls "Antsy antsy antsy"
Tyler and Kurt grabbed some dinner and a movie from redbox ("Now You See Me") and we stayed in for the night! A perfect way to end a wonderful Christmas.

As I was singing to Millie before her nap, she requested "Families Can Be Together Forever," one of her favorites. I looked up and saw a picture of Christ on the wall as I sang to her and it just hit me all over again how thankful I am that a little baby was born in Bethlehem all those years ago. His life, Gospel, and sacrifice made it possible for me to be with my little family forever! Merry Christmas.

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Kel said...

A few things:
-You look awesome!
-Your couches are beautiful and look so great in your home!
-Millie=the cutest kid ever.
-I miss you! Hope you are having happy holidays. :)