Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vermont would be beautiful this time of year... with all that snow

It's snowing!! Right now! I turned around at my desk (there are huge windows across the whole front of AMP-- no walls really) and there it was. Immediately I started singing songs from White Christmas in my head (hence the White Christmas quote)!

I'm really sad that it will be cold all the time now, but the snow is too beautiful for me to be really upset. Plus, now I can pull out my coats! :) Hopefully it won't snow too much... poor Tyler's job on the BYU Grounds crew will get a lot harder once that starts.

*Update: Last night was my first night at Stevens-Henager College and it was great! They gave me a laptop to use, so that buttered me up real quick! :) I'm excited to get more involved there.

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