Sunday, September 13, 2009

To DO List vs. Ta-DAH! List

I have developed a new theory. Actually, let me back up. I first heard this theory during my days of unemployment. I was sitting on the couch, Craigslisting it up, watching some KSL show (daytime TV is no good unless you have young children) and this theory was introduced. Some lady was on the show to tell everyone how to make the impossible amount of tasks women have to do each day seem less inconquerable. She suggested instead of having "to-do" lists full of overwhelming tasks, make "ta-dah!" lists of the things you have done. I liked the idea, but thought it could use a little work. See, for people like me, not having to-do lists is like not having salsa with tortilla chips, or granola without yogurt. Pretty extreme, I know. :) But, trusting the "experts" (for all I know, she could have been the anchor's Relief Society teacher and they just liked her), I decided to give it a try. And so...


It wasn't a very productive 2 days, to put it lightly. Kind of entertaining, though-- I walked around for 2 days trying to think of stuff to do just so I could put it on my "ta-dah!" list. But then, I found that I was doing a lot of little things that maybe weren't so important. Hmm... how to fix this...?

Yesterday was my first day employing MY version of this theory. I am now a 2-list-per-day person. I made a to-do list, full of things I wanted to accomplish. I set out fully intending to do all of the things on that list. Of course, unexpected things happened-- as life always happens. So my list wasn't fully realized. That's why I made a ta-dah! list. This made it so not only were the things that I did from my to-do list recognized, but also the little bumps along the way were also mentioned, and therefore appreciated. Here were my lists from yesterday:

TO-DO Saturday:
-Clean bathroom
-Sweep and mop kitchen floor
-Vacuum whole apartment
-Wash sheets
-Finish hanging up decorative stuff
-Print wedding pictures
-Mail out thank you cards
-Mail packages to our fams
-Put dating memories in chronological order for scrapbooking
-Mail Tyler Honn's temple bag (long story haha)
-E-mail Gretchen some tennis pictures
-Make and e-mail a playlist for second reception
-Change oil in the car

TA-DAH! List for Saturday:
-Made big breakfast for Ty
-Did ALL dishes (actually, this happened twice)
-Swept and mopped kitchen floor
-Cleaned out stinky trash can
-Swept out stairs and patio
-Ironed placemats and tablecloth
-Did laundry-- 6 loads!!
-Cleaned bathroom (very well, I might add)
-Dusted/polished all wood in the apartment
-Cleaned bedroom
-Did a video tour of our apartment and put it on Youtube ( for our families to see our place
-Went through our dating memoirs for scrapbook brainstorming
-Watched "The Notebook"
-Finished ALL thank you cards!! FINALLY!
-Changed the oil in the car
-Made tacos for dinner

Not bad, eh? There were some things that didn't work out from my to-do list, but I feel like my ta-dah! list is even better. Hopefully this will eliminate feelings of not getting things done! Everyone should try it!!


Elise said...

Guess what. We never finished writing our thank you cards and it has been over three years. So go you for getting it done!

Kellie said...

LOVE the house Cam! Looks way cute.

Tyler Juergens said...

Love the post Cam! You are a very talented writer. Thanks for doing your to-dos and dahing your ta-dahs. I love you!

Tiffany said...

haha love the apt tour! I watched, I know it was only for your families but I could not help myself! I am glad you are both happy and cam way to go on the tadah lists! I am impressed, what a positive twist on the ever famous to do lists :)