Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sick days

We had a good 10 days of sickness at our house at the beginning of March. Everyone got it except for Harvey! We stayed home and watched a lot of TV while we took turns having fevers and stuffiness and coughs. For some reason I also got hives and my lips swelled for a couple days. I'll spare you the picture of that but let's just say I lived up to my teenage nickname of Lippy. Tyler was so nice to work from home for a few days to help with Millie and Max (they got sick first) so I could keep Harvey away. Tyler eventually caught it and finally I did.

Max was pretty excited about a new Mickey shirt.

Harvey and I stayed in my room a lot and were bored a lot.

Lots of snuggles.

Harvey tried his walker for the first time during all that sick business. He loves it!

As Millie started to feel better she began to entertain herself in funny ways. She poked holes all over this box and then cut arm holes so she could wear it.

Being sick is exhausting and no fun!

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