Wednesday, April 19, 2017

General Conference weekend, April 2017 edition

General Conference weekend is the best!

Unrelated, but I wanted to remember the way Harvey sits up in his carseat to look around. He's going to love facing forward one day!

Soccer game for these crazy Tigers.

The family that brought a snack for the kids pulled an awesome prank. They gave each kid a can of food! The kids were being so polite and said thanks but they looked so confused. It was hilarious. I'm not much of a prankster but this was such a fun idea. The kids were relieved to then get some Goldfish and a drink.

We went to get a Costco membership between sessions and ended up getting to Gigi's toward the end of the afternoon session. Lesson learned - never go to Costco on a Saturday! The kids wanted to swim. Max was playing with a sword and called himself a Nephite. Those Living Scripture videos are proving to be worth the investment haha.

Traditional cinnamon rolls came from a can this year.

Back at Gigi's for the sessions, Nana got to snuggle with Harvey.

A walk after lunch between sessions.

Max showed Harvey the dinosaurs.

We entered the phase where the blanket on the floor becomes obsolete.

Always looks like he's chewing on something in his mouth. Thank you teething.

That night we had popcorn while we played Candy Land and talked about what we learned and how we were going to be better because of it. We're so thankful to be able to learn from our church leaders in this way every conference!

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Marissa Anderson said...

Those Living Scriptures get a bad rap for being so expensive but I'm loving it and all the kids are learning!!!