Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One cyst lighter

I've had a little cyst growing in my hand for a few years. It would bother me whenever I gripped something hard- steering wheel, lawn mower, etc. and it grew every once in a while. We met our insurance deductible with Max's birth, so I finally had it removed last week! It ended up being a little bit more intense of a process than we anticipated, but I'm glad it's gone. I now have one growing in the exact same spot in my other hand, so maybe after the next baby I'll have it removed too! 

Tyler snapped this really attractive picture of me before I went in for surgery. They put me under for it! I couldn't believe that- they keep you awake to surgically remove a baby, but put you to sleep for a cyst the size of 3 peas. Go figure.

 Millie was very weirded out by my appearance and being hooked up to all those machines.

I got a nice nap out of it! It was annoying to have to pump and dump for the next 24 hours and to not get my hand wet, but I didn't have much pain at all.

I wore the bandage for 2ish days (they said 3 but I couldn't take it anymore!) and below is what I found when I took it off. Sorry for the blood. The dots above the incision were what the doctor thought he was going to do. I'm sure glad he only made the one line instead of the V like he intended! My hand was pretty bruised too.

I had the stitches out yesterday and am doing some little exercises to make sure the nerves and tendons running through there don't get pushed around by scar tissue. It's a little tight but doesn't hurt. So glad to have the cyst gone!


Lindsay said...

Ouch! that last picture looks painful! I hope it didn't inhibit picking up max or changing diapers or anything. That's no fun at all. But I'm glad you got it removed. How crazy that you have another one growing on the other hand!! What makes them grow?

Kimberly said...

That really is crazy that they put you out for it! Glad you got it taken care of though. I remember you having some growths on your feet too?? Maybe those went away though?