Monday, August 15, 2016

9 on 10: August 2016

1. Delaying the start of the day as long as possible.

2. Bedheaded breakfast helpers.

3. Finally got a king-sized quilt for our bed! The queen-sized one got annoying after a while. Now to put something on the wall, get king-size pillows for the shams that came with the quilt, and maybe clean off our nightstands! But don't count on it.

4. Reading break. Sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic when they're both snuggled in against my belly.

5. Wanted to remember his sweet face during his nap. Also notice Lightning McQueen, never far away.

6. Whenever I iron, Millie loves to drink from the squirt bottle.

7. Grammy got me these socks recently, and I smile every time I see them. It's nice encouragement, just kind of funny to have it come from a pair of socks! Tyler has a dad pair too.

8. Max really wanted to try cutting, and definitely preferred his left hand to do it! Crazy.

9. Our late-night visitor, who wanted to snuggle with Tyler but also have her own pillow.

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