Monday, September 19, 2016

10 on 10: September 2016

1. "I gave the baby eyes Mommy!"

2. Mad scooter skillz

3-5. We posed for a friend's photography class. The kids were pretty cooperative and had a fun time even though it was SO hot. Funny having multiple cameras pointed at us!

6. Rewarding good behavior at Target.

7. The kids love to find Spot every time. I try not to show my annoyance every time.

8. Tyler and I have been missing the mountains lately, but we have sure enjoyed some killer sunsets that you just don't get elsewhere!!

9. Mitchell got lots of face time during the game. Go Cougars!

10. We got some family pictures for posing for my friend's class. This was a screenshot I saw before seeing the gallery and it made me so excited!

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